Download Punjabi Unicode Fonts

Download the most popular Punjabi Unicode Fonts Fonts for Kannada typing. We have a collection of Stylish Punjabi Unicode Fonts Library. Download Punjabi Unicode Fonts in Zip with .ttf extension file.


Download Punjabi Unicode Fonts for FREE

Punjabi is the native language of the majority of Pakistan's population and the primary language of the Sikhs in India, and the third most widely spoken language in South Asia after Hindustani and Bengali. Punjabi is also the fourth most commonly spoken language in the UK and the seventh most commonly spoken language in Canada.

Punjabi's cultural presence on the Indian Subcontinent is growing by the day, thanks mainly to Bollywood. Most Bollywood films now have Punjabi vocabulary, and a few songs are sung entirely in Punjabi. Punjabi songs in Bollywood films now account for more than half of the top-of-the-charts listings at any given time.

Punjab is derived from the Persian word "panj aab," which means "five waters." Panj is also derived from Sanskrit "panch," which means "five," and refers to the Indus River's five main eastern tributaries. The Indus River and its five tributaries describe the historical Punjab region, divided between Pakistan and India. The Beas River, one of the five, is a tributary of the Sutlej River.

Free Punjabi fonts are available for download. After you've downloaded and installed the Punjabi fonts, you'll be able to type in Punjabi on your computer. We have Asees, Joy, Amr Lipi, Anmol Lipi, Gurbani Akhar, Gurmukhi, Sukhmani, and other traditional, stylish fonts Punjabi typing in .ttf and .zip format. To download, go to the following link:

Best Punjabi Unicode Fonts Collection for Download

Punjabi Unicode Fonts come in a variety of styles and can be download for free. You can get the font from the link below and follow the instructions on installing it on your computer. You will be able to type in Punjabi Unicode Fonts after installing the font. By clicking the Try It Yourself button, you can also test the font online. It will show you how the font looks and allow you to try it out in different sizes.

Punjabi Unicode Fonts

Download the Unicode Punjabi font to read Punjabi language material on any website and read Punjabi newspapers on the internet. To get the Punjabi Unicode font, follow the below link:

    1. Free download Punjabi Unicode font
    2. Punjabi Unicode Raavi (Regular) Font
    3. Punjabi Unicode Raavi (Bold) Font


Download Punjabi Unicode Fonts

Legacy Punjabi Fonts

Download Legacy Punjabi fonts by clicking on the links below. After downloading, you can immediately begin typing in Punjabi.

  1. Free download Punjabi Font Asees
  2. Free download Punjabi Font Joy
  3. Free Download Punjabi Font Gurbani
  4. Free download Punjabi Font Gurmukhi Akhar
  5. Free download Punjabi Font Gurmukhi Lys
  6. Free download Punjabi Font Anmol Lipi
  7. Free download Punjabi Font AmrLipi
  8. Free download Punjabi Font Sukhmani
  9. Free download Punjabi font choti
  10. Free download Punjabi font Gur Old Letter Press
  11. Free download Punjabi Typewriter Font
  12. Free download Punjabi font guruvetica
  13. Free download Punjabi font Bulara
  14. Free download Punjabi font Gubara
  15. Free download Punjabi font Karmic
  16. Free download Punjabi font GHW Adhiapak
  17. Free download Punjabi font lanma
  18. Free download Punjabi font Raaj
  19. Free download Punjabi font Raajaa
  20. Free download Punjabi font Dekho
  21. Free download Punjabi font Dwarka
  22. Free download Punjabi font Magaz
  23. Free download Punjabi font Modhera
  24. Free download Punjabi font Tshej
  25. Free download Punjabi font uttar


Download Legacy Punjabi Fonts

Punjabi Joy Font for Windows 10

Traditional Joy font is automatically uninstalled in Windows 10, and if you print, only '0' is written. You can download Nimar Joy font from the link below to solve this problem:

  1. Joy font Modified - For Windows 10 (Courtesy - Mr. Gurbinder Singh, Bathinda, Punjab )


Download Punjabi Joy Font


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