Google Input Tools for Mac

Google Input Tools are available for Mac, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro. With Google Input Tools for Mac OS, you can now type on the web in over 90 different languages. Google Input Tools for Mac is available as a Chrome extension, which means you can use it on any website on the internet. Download Google Input Tools for MacOS. It is 100% Safe, Secure ✓, and a free software extension. However, it can be used in any text editor software for typing in another language. To use it, you do not need to know the script of typing in another language.


Introduction: Google Input Tools for Mac and Macbook Air

Google Input Tools for Mac is one of the most helpful Chrome browser extensions for text management and real-time translation. It allows users to switch between input languages with the click of a mouse button without installing it on the Mac operating system. This browser extension instantly changes the input language, providing you with virtual keyboards in 90 languages, all for free.

What is Google Input Tools Japanese?

If you wish to type in a language other than English when searching on Google, you can enable and use Google Input Tools on your Mac. It allows you to choose any language you want from a list of over 90 available online from your Windows 10 computer. You'll benefit from a more personalized method of using Google Search, as well as a more comfortable experience.

Apart from providing one-click access to virtual keyboards and all special characters in over 90 languages, this extension also offers seamless support for over 30 scripts via either full IMEs or direct translation and support for handwriting recognition in over 40 languages.

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Download Google Input Tools for Mac OS

Users can Download Google Input Tools for Mac OS by clicking the download button. On downloading Google Input for Mac OS, you will get a WinRAR File. You have to extract it to install the software. If you're facing trouble downloading, please disable AdBlocker for this site or change your web browser to faster download. If you encounter any issues, please contact us.

Download Google Input tools for Mac and Macbook Air


How to Download & Install Google Input Tools for Mac?

All you need to do is install Google Input Tools for macOS in your Google Chrome for Mac (or supported Chromium) browser and sign in with your Google Account. After a quick installation, the extension will add a new icon to the browser's interface. You'll gain access to a control dropdown menu containing straightforward tools for language switching, extension configuration, and keyboard shortcut configuration by clicking it. To select desired languages and make them easily accessible via a dropdown menu, navigate to the Extensions Options area and drag and drop preferred languages into the "Select Input Tools" section.

Along with visual tools, the app includes a comprehensive set of keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to switch between languages and activate specific keyboard modes. It is critical to note that this Chrome extension will not function in the browser app's URL address bar. It is only compatible with text fields contained within web pages or online documents.

To use virtual keyboards, one of three methods is available:

  • ✅ Type the text using your keyboard, whether or not the on-screen virtual keyboard is present.
  • ✅ Additionally, you can type the text and rely on the Google InputTools extension's automatic word recommendation. Depending on the cursor's position during typing, you may receive one or more recommendations, which you can accept by pressing the TAB key. Because you are not required to type entire words, this method can save you considerable time.
  • ✅ Finally, you can use a pencil tool to draw letters on the screen within a resizable writing window, and the app will attempt to recognize and type them quickly.

Specifications and Highlights

  • ✅ Directly in your Chrome Browser, switch between 90 virtual keyboards.
  • ✅ Utilize IMEs and Direct Translation for over 30 different scripts.
  • ✅ Support for handwriting in over 40 languages.
  • ✅ Both online and offline versions are available.
  • ✅ Totally Free

Supported languages

LanguageInput MethodTransliterationVirtual KeyboardHandwriting
AlbanianKeyboard AlbanianHandwriting
AmharicTransliterationKeyboard Ethiopic
ArabicTransliterationKeyboard Arabic
ArmenianKeyboard Armenian Eastern
Keyboard Armenian Western
BasqueKeyboard BasqueHandwriting
BelarusianTransliterationKeyboard BelarusianHandwriting
BengaliTransliterationKeyboard Bengali Inscript
Keyboard Bengali Phonetic
BosnianKeyboard Bosnian
BulgarianTransliterationKeyboard Bulgarian
Keyboard Bulgarian Phonetic
BurmeseKeyboard Myanmar
CatalanKeyboard CatalanHandwriting
CherokeeKeyboard Cherokee
Keyboard Cherokee Phonetic
Chinese (Simplified)Pinyin IME
Wubi IME
Chinese (Traditional)Pinyin IME
Zhuyin IME
Cangjie IME
Cantonese IME
CroatianKeyboard CroatianHandwriting
CzechKeyboard Czech
Keyboard Czech Qwertz
DanishKeyboard DanishHandwriting
Dari PersianKeyboard Persian
Keyboard Dari
DutchLatin IMEKeyboard DutchHandwriting
DzongkhaKeyboard Dzongkha
EnglishKeyboard English
Keyboard English Dvorak
EstonianKeyboard EstonianHandwriting
FinnishKeyboard FinnishHandwriting
FrenchLatin IMEKeyboard FrenchHandwriting
GalicianKeyboard GalicianHandwriting
GeorgianKeyboard Georgian Qwerty
Keyboard Georgian Typewriter
GermanLatin IMEKeyboard GermanHandwriting
GreekTransliterationKeyboard GreekHandwriting
GujaratiTransliterationKeyboard Gujarati Inscript
Keyboard Gujarati Phonetic
HebrewTransliterationKeyboard Hebrew
HindiTransliterationKeyboard Hindi
Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
HungarianKeyboard Hungarian 101Handwriting
IcelandicKeyboard IcelandicHandwriting
ItalianLatin IMEKeyboard ItalianHandwriting
KannadaTransliterationKeyboard Kannada Inscript
Keyboard Kannada Phonetic
KazakhKeyboard Kazakh
KhmerKeyboard Khmer
KirghizKeyboard Kirghiz
KoreanKeyboard KoreanHandwriting
LaoKeyboard Lao
LatvianKeyboard LatvianHandwriting
LithuanianKeyboard LithuanianHandwriting
MacedonianKeyboard MacedonianHandwriting
MalayalamTransliterationKeyboard Malayalam Inscript
Keyboard Malayalam Phonetic
MalteseKeyboard Maltese
MarathiTransliterationKeyboard Devanagari Phonetic
MongolianKeyboard Mongolian Cyrillic
NepaliTransliterationKeyboard Devanagari Phonetic
NorwegianKeyboard NorwegianHandwriting
OriyaTransliterationKeyboard Oriya Inscript
Keyboard Oriya Phonetic
PashtoKeyboard Pashto
PersianTransliterationKeyboard Persian
Keyboard Dari
PolishKeyboard PolishHandwriting
Portuguese (Brazil)Latin IMEKeyboard Brazilian PortugueseHandwriting
Portuguese (Portugal)Latin IMEKeyboard portugueseHandwriting
PunjabiTransliterationKeyboard Gurmukhi Inscript
Keyboard Gurmukhi Phonetic
RomanianKeyboard Romanian
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Primary
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Secondary
RomanyKeyboard Romany
RussianTransliterationKeyboard RussianHandwriting
SanskritTransliterationKeyboard Sanskrit Phonetic
SerbianTransliterationKeyboard Serbian Cyrillic
Keyboard Serbian Latin
SinhalaTransliterationKeyboard Sinhala
SlovakKeyboard Slovak
Keyboard Slovak Qwerty
SlovenianKeyboard SlovenianHandwriting
SpanishLatin IMEKeyboard SpanishHandwriting
SwahiliKeyboard SwahiliHandwriting
SwedishKeyboard SwedishHandwriting
TamilTransliterationKeyboard Tamil Inscript
Keyboard Tamil Phonetic
TatarKeyboard Tatar
TeluguTransliterationKeyboard Telugu Inscript
Keyboard Telugu Phonetic
ThaiKeyboard ThaiHandwriting
TigrinyaTransliterationKeyboard Ethiopic
TurkishKeyboard Turkish F
Keyboard Turkish Q
UighurKeyboard Uighur
UkranianTransliterationKeyboard Ukrainian 101Handwriting
UrduTransliterationKeyboard Urdu
UzbekKeyboard Uzbek Latin
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Phonetic
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Typewritter
VietnameseIMEKeyboard Vietnamese Telex
Keyboard Vietnamese Tcvn
Keyboard Vietnamese Viqr
YiddishKeyboard Yiddish


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