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We have the best collection of free Amharic Fonts which are available online for download. We aim to add hundreds of freeware and premium fonts for both Windows and Mac.

While most fonts can be download for free, some restrictions on usage may apply to some. All Amharic fonts listed on this website are their authors ‘ property and may change their license at any time.

Amharic Fonts lets you type in Amharic Language using the Amharic keyboard. You can download several true type Amharic fonts for free, which I have collected from various sources. You can learn about Amharic Unicode font as well. Click on the font(s) you prefer, or you can download the “all-in-one-bundle” Amharic Fonts bundle file, which has a variety of fonts.

Download Amharic Fonts for Free

S. No15 FREE Amharic Fonts for Download
1Abyssinica SIL Font
Abyssinica SIL is based on Ethiopic calligraphic traditions. The Ethiopic script is used for writing many of the languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea. This font is designed to work with two advanced font technologies, Graphite and OpenType. To take advantage of the advanced typographic capabilities of this font, you must be using applications that provide an adequate level of support for Graphite or OpenType. These advanced capabilities provide access to the variant character forms used in some languages.
2Ethiopia Jiret, Ethiopia Jiret Slant, and Sabaean Font
In this set, there are several typefaces that are also bundled with WashRa. They all support the Ethiopic standard included in Unicode 3.0 except the Sabaean script, whose encoding isn’t standardized yet. For your convenience the fonts are distributed in three packages; the font “Ethiopia Jiret” for those who are interested only for it, the font “Sabaean”, and the entire set. Downloading and installation instructions are given at the end of this page.
3WashRa Fonts 4.1 (ZIP format)
WashRa is, simply, a set of Ethiopic fonts and a keyboard layout for use with Windows application. You may use WashRa with a wide range of Unicode compatible Windows applications including MS Office, Open Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, and much more. WashRa 4.1 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.
4Ethiopic Fantuwua Font
5 Ethiopic Hiwua Font
6 Ethiopic Tint Font
7 Ethiopic Wookianos Font
8 Ethiopic Yebse Font
9 Ethiopic Yigerzu Bisrat Goffer Font
10 Ethiopic Zelan Font
11Ethiopic Goffer Font
12Amhara Font
This a Latin font created with the look of the Ethiopian alphabet. It is NOT an Ethiopic font, but a Latin one.
13Ethiopic Addis
This is an Ethiopic Font with a more modern look (It also has the Latin alphabet).
14Ethiopic Dire Dawa
This is another Ethiopic Font that imitates the handwritten Amharic characters(It also has the Latin alphabet)
15Chiret Regular Font

What is the Amharic Alphabet?

The Amharic Alphabet or Amharic Fidel has 33 consonants with seven variations, each composed of an additional vowel. If we take the first character that is “h”, to complete the set, we can add ä, u, i, a, e, ï and o after that. To make a full alphabet, the same vowels may add to the rest of the consonants.

What is the Amharic Language?

The Amharic Language (Amarəña) is a semantic language that is spoken in Ethiopia. Although there are many dialects (including Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromiffa/Affan Oromo, etc.) spoken in Ethiopia, Amharic is the most common and widely used. Since it is the Ethiopian government’s working language, it has acquired official status and is used throughout the region.

The Amharic language, also known as Amarinya or Kuchumba, was also spelled Amharinya and Amarigna, one of Ethiopia’s two primary languages (along with the Oromo language). It is spoken mainly in the country’s central highlands. Amharic is the Southwest Semitic group’s Afro-Asian language and is related to the Ethiopian Orthodox church’s liturgical language, Geez, or Ethiopic; it is also related to Tigre, Tigrinya, and the South Arabic dialects.

While songs and poems from the 14th century CE are the oldest existing records in Amharic, substantial literature in any quantity did not begin until the 19th century.

In a slightly changed version of the alphabet used for writing the language of Geez, Amharic is written. There are 33 primary characters, each of which, depending on the vowel in the syllable should be pronounced, has seven forms. The Cushitic languages, especially the Oromo and the Agaw languages, have strongly affected Amharic. The Amharic dialects are not strongly distinct from one another. In the early 21st century, some 18.7 million individuals spoke Amharic.

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Amharic alphabet image for learning the Amharic language.