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This is a free online tool which converts English words, phrases or sentences to Grade 1 Braille notations. Grade 1 Braille is the simplest form of Braille alphabet which is formed by a simple letter-by-letter translation of English letters into Braille letters. If you have a bigger project, in that case, you need human translation. So Hire Braille Professional Translation Service and get the fastest turn around time in the industry and is 100% accurate.

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About Braille Translator

Braille is one of the most important codes in the world. It is used by blind people to read and write. There are six dot positions, and the dots are raised up (so you can feel them) in special patterns. Each pattern of dots is a "character" (a letter or number, etc)

You can use this translation tool to print out the Braille for signs, notes, and so on. After printing, you can put drops of paint or glue on each black dot. Also, you could punch little holes (from the reverse side) so that the pattern is easy to feel.

Grade 1 Braille

Grade 1 Braille is a simple letter-by-letter translation. There should be no confusion using this method.

Grade 2 Braille

Grade 2 Braille has 189 contractions. It is the combinations of letters or entire words can become one Braille character with many complicated rules.