Typeshala is the Nepali and English Typing Tutor Software for those who want to learn typing from the start. Typeshala helps to build typing speed, improves the accuracy of typing, and thus makes it more productive. After completion of each lesson, it monitors your Tying speed which is word per minute and precision percentage.

Typing Nepali is tough until you don’t have practice well. Here is the Nepali typing tutor app, called Typeshala, for Nepali typing practice. Typeshala is a Nepali Devanagari and English Script training method for typing. Users can achieve their typing speed very quickly in Nepali and English with the help of typing software.

Typeshala Typing Tutor supports both Nepali and English languages. Nepali Typeshala has Ramayana game which helps to increase your typing skill. Hence, anyone who wants to improve their typing skill, you can download this software from our website.

Before starting with Ramayan typing games, it is highly recommended to complete all the lessons as this is the centre for correctly learning touch typing. Fun is an integral aspect of educational practice, and with these guidelines, there is no need to be too rigid.

Remember to take a typing test from time to time, and compare it to the previous typing results. In addition to motivation, it is also essential to track your progress to point out your points of weakness.

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Try New Nepali Typeshala Online, where you can test your Nepali typing speed online.

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