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Google Input Tools Offline Installer is a free software extension that lets you to type in 23 different languages. Google Input Tools Offline Installer is 100% Safe and Secure ✓ Free Download (32-bit/64-bit) Latest Version. Google input tools full offline installer includes these languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Japanese


What is Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tools for Windows is a free software extension that allows you to input text from another computer keyboard when your computer keyboard doesn't have the correct characters. Google Input Tools for Windows comes in both a desktop and web version and can use with any computer that has a web browser. The program includes an autocomplete feature that suggests words as you type and a search engine. You can also use the application to save URLs and web pages for later reference.

Google Input Tools for Windows is a powerful Chrome extension that makes it easy to input text on Google Search results pages and other websites. The extension has a simple interface, and you can use it to type text, paste text, or select text from a web page. You can also use the extension to input your search terms in the Google search bar. It is compatible with any device that can access Google services like Search, Gmail, Drive, Translate, and YouTube so that you can use it anywhere.

Google Input Tools for Windows is an input method editor which allows users to enter text in any of the supported languages using a Latin (English / QWERTY) keyboard. Users can type a word the way it sounds using Latin characters and Google Input Tools for Windows will convert the word to its native script. Available input tools include transliteration, IME, and on-screen keyboards.

Google Input Tools Offline Installer is one of the most useful for text management and real-time translation tool. The Google Input Tools enables users to effortlessly switch between one input language to another with a click of a mouse button, without the need to add it to the Windows operating system. Google Input Tools for windows 10/8/7 will switch the input language in an instant, enabling you virtual access to keyboards in 130 languages, all for free.

To install Google Input Tools online, all you need to do is to install it in your Google Chrome (or supported Chromium) browser and to have an active Google Account. Setting up the extension is easy and quick. To start typing in your preferred language, you just have to hit the extension icon, select the language/input method and type. Based on the choices you make, you can type using a virtual keyboard, draw in a box that recognises handwriting, or just type in English and select the right word from the suggestions that show up. People who use various languages online would find this extension a major time-saver.

What does Google Input Tools do?

Google Input Tools is a powerful program that lets you create a virtual keyboard interface in various languages. Your input words and phrases are translated into any language of your choice using Google Input Tools. With Google Input Tools, you can convert more than 90 languages and dialects online. In addition, the program keeps track of the changes you make to sentences or phrases and creates a bespoke dictionary for you to use.

Google Input Tool is easy, customizable, and simple to use!

In limited languages, Google Input Tools was first released. The growing success and utility of the extension have inspired developers to add more languages regularly. Although the extension fits best with Chrome, a wide variety of Google services, Windows, and Android devices are compatible with it. You can browse the internet in any language you want with this extension.

The extension operates both online and off-line on Windows and Android devices. It makes your life simpler with an easy and clean GUI, whether you want to converse in different languages with strangers or send emails in their local language to business customers. As a communication tool, Google Input Tools is an excellent choice.

How to set up Google Input Tools?

Setting up the extension and using it is easy. The setup of Google Input Tools comes with easy navigation and plenty of features other than similar tools such as Goot and Dictionary.NET. Depending on your preferred keyboard layout and language, the time required to set up the extension depends. You need to click the 'extension' icon in the browser, choose a language, and start typing to type in a specific language.

Google Input Tools allows you to type with a virtual keyboard, select English, Hindi, Marathi, or some other primary language based on your preferences, and even draw in a box that identifies handwriting. This extension is perfect for people interested in using multiple languages while working, surfing, or talking online.

How to use Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tools is, as mentioned earlier, an extension designed for Chrome users. It lets you type with an on-screen keyboard layout in 90+ languages. As such, in any language you want, you can browse the internet conveniently. You need to install the Windows version and add languages from the extension's options to start using Chrome's extension.

A keyboard layout will appear on the screen once you have chosen a specific language. You can add multiple languages and keyboard schemes with a simple double-click. The on-screen keyboard can be quickly accessed with a left-click on the Google Input Tools extension once you've made the additions.

The on-screen keyboard works similarly to a connected keyboard on your computer. Google Input Tools allows you to use the physical keyboard, too. However, it is better to use a virtual keyboard specifically for each language since each language has different characters.

How to Install and Use Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tools Download gives you three different methods to type in a text. In the first one, a keyboard allows you to enter information. You can see an on-screen keyboard when you use this process, which shows the arrangement of keys in a particular language. The icons are all displayed clearly, and the friendly GUI helps you to type text easily.

The second method of typing a text is equivalent to the first. It only refers to specific languages, however, as it proposes possible words and phrases. The suggestions differ in style and number, depending on the duration of your word or sentence. Overall, you could end up with an enormous list of recommendations. Google Input Tools allows you to appreciate the significant amount of effort and money to create Google Input Tools.

Possibly the most common and favored is the third form. You may use the pencil tool in this process to type in. In the text area, it helps you to draw a letter or alphabet. The tool detects text and begins to show on-screen words. Unfortunately, you can't resize the writing window with Google Input Software, thereby restricting the use of long terms.

Google Input Tools Supported languages

Google Input Tools support over 90 languages, and developers frequently add them to the database. As such, the extension allows you to type from around the world in a wide variety of languages. Without any complications, Google Input Tools is easy to use on your computer.

Within a few taps, you can add or delete languages from the 'Options' section. The software gives you the option to choose from a long list of languages, as stated earlier. The tool has become very successful with a reasonably broad audience with so many choices.

When you download Google Input Tools, it gives you a comfortable and straightforward way to write in any language you prefer. It is compatible with several Google Tools & Services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube, since it operates on various devices.

Language Input Method Transliteration Virtual Keyboard Handwriting
Afrikaans Handwriting
Albanian Keyboard Albanian Handwriting
Amharic Transliteration Keyboard Ethiopic
Arabic Transliteration Keyboard Arabic
Armenian Keyboard Armenian Eastern
Keyboard Armenian Western
Basque Keyboard Basque Handwriting
Belarusian Transliteration Keyboard Belarusian Handwriting
Bengali Transliteration Keyboard Bengali Inscript
Keyboard Bengali Phonetic
Bosnian Keyboard Bosnian
Bulgarian Transliteration Keyboard Bulgarian
Keyboard Bulgarian Phonetic
Burmese Keyboard Myanmar
Catalan Keyboard Catalan Handwriting
Cherokee Keyboard Cherokee
Keyboard Cherokee Phonetic
Chinese (Simplified) Pinyin IME
Wubi IME
Chinese (Traditional) Pinyin IME
Zhuyin IME
Cangjie IME
Cantonese IME
Croatian Keyboard Croatian Handwriting
Czech Keyboard Czech
Keyboard Czech Qwertz
Danish Keyboard Danish Handwriting
Dari Persian Keyboard Persian
Keyboard Dari
Dutch Latin IME Keyboard Dutch Handwriting
Dzongkha Keyboard Dzongkha
English Keyboard English
Keyboard English Dvorak
Estonian Keyboard Estonian Handwriting
Filipino Handwriting
Finnish Keyboard Finnish Handwriting
French Latin IME Keyboard French Handwriting
Galician Keyboard Galician Handwriting
Georgian Keyboard Georgian Qwerty
Keyboard Georgian Typewriter
German Latin IME Keyboard German Handwriting
Greek Transliteration Keyboard Greek Handwriting
Gujarati Transliteration Keyboard Gujarati Inscript
Keyboard Gujarati Phonetic
Haitian Handwriting
Hebrew Transliteration Keyboard Hebrew
Hindi Transliteration Keyboard Hindi
Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
Hungarian Keyboard Hungarian 101 Handwriting
Icelandic Keyboard Icelandic Handwriting
Indonesian Handwriting
Irish Handwriting
Italian Latin IME Keyboard Italian Handwriting
Japanese IME Handwriting
Kannada Transliteration Keyboard Kannada Inscript
Keyboard Kannada Phonetic
Kazakh Keyboard Kazakh
Khmer Keyboard Khmer
Kirghiz Keyboard Kirghiz
Korean Keyboard Korean Handwriting
Lao Keyboard Lao
Latin Handwriting
Latvian Keyboard Latvian Handwriting
Lithuanian Keyboard Lithuanian Handwriting
Macedonian Keyboard Macedonian Handwriting
Malay Handwriting
Malayalam Transliteration Keyboard Malayalam Inscript
Keyboard Malayalam Phonetic
Maltese Keyboard Maltese
Marathi Transliteration Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
Mongolian Keyboard Mongolian Cyrillic
Nepali Transliteration Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
Norwegian Keyboard Norwegian Handwriting
Oriya Transliteration Keyboard Oriya Inscript
Keyboard Oriya Phonetic
Pashto Keyboard Pashto
Persian Transliteration Keyboard Persian
Keyboard Dari
Polish Keyboard Polish Handwriting
Portuguese (Brazil) Latin IME Keyboard Brazilian Portuguese Handwriting
Portuguese (Portugal) Latin IME Keyboard portuguese Handwriting
Punjabi Transliteration Keyboard Gurmukhi Inscript
Keyboard Gurmukhi Phonetic
Romanian Keyboard Romanian
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Primary
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Secondary
Romany Keyboard Romany
Russian Transliteration Keyboard Russian Handwriting
Sanskrit Transliteration Keyboard Sanskrit Phonetic
Serbian Transliteration Keyboard Serbian Cyrillic
Keyboard Serbian Latin
Sinhala Transliteration Keyboard Sinhala
Slovak Keyboard Slovak
Keyboard Slovak Qwerty
Slovenian Keyboard Slovenian Handwriting
Spanish Latin IME Keyboard Spanish Handwriting
Swahili Keyboard Swahili Handwriting
Swedish Keyboard Swedish Handwriting
Tamil Transliteration Keyboard Tamil Inscript
Keyboard Tamil Phonetic
Tatar Keyboard Tatar
Telugu Transliteration Keyboard Telugu Inscript
Keyboard Telugu Phonetic
Thai Keyboard Thai Handwriting
Tigrinya Transliteration Keyboard Ethiopic
Turkish Keyboard Turkish F
Keyboard Turkish Q
Uighur Keyboard Uighur
Ukranian Transliteration Keyboard Ukrainian 101 Handwriting
Urdu Transliteration Keyboard Urdu
Uzbek Keyboard Uzbek Latin
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Phonetic
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Typewritter
Vietnamese IME Keyboard Vietnamese Telex
Keyboard Vietnamese Tcvn
Keyboard Vietnamese Viqr
Welsh Handwriting
Yiddish Keyboard Yiddish

Google Input Tools offline installer

Google Input Tools offline installer is a Desktop-based Shareware Application created by Google Inc. It makes you write various languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, Arabic, and more.

Google Input Tools offline installer for Windows is currently available for 23 different languages: Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Persian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya and Urdu.

You also get keyboard shortcuts that can help you quickly access different input languages and tools, and phonetic transliteration for different scripts. You can write more than 23 languages easily as you write English on your computer with the help of Google Input Tools. List of all 23 Google Input Tools are listed below for download.

Download Google Input Tool Tools for FREE!

List of 23 Google Input Tools Download Latest Version for free (Updated 2024)

Download Google Input Tools for Windows now from Typing Keybards. It is 100% safe and virus free. More than 57266 downloads this month. Google Input Tools is free and safe to download. Get the Google Input Tools download latest version.

S. No. List of Google Input Tools for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
1 Google Input Tool Amharic
2 Google Input Tool Arabic
3 Google Input Tool Bengali
4 Google Input Tool Persian
5 Google Input Tool Greek
6 Google Input Tool Gujarati
7 Google Input Tool Hebrew
8 Google Input Tool Hindi
9 Google Input Tool Japanese
10 Google Input Tool Kannada
11 Google Input Tool Malayalam
12 Google Input Tool Marathi
13 Google Input Tool Nepali
14 Google Input Tool Oriya
15 Google Input Tool Punjabi
16 Google Input Tool Russian
17 Google Input Tool Sanskrit
18 Google Input Tool Serbian
19 Google Input Tool Sinhala
20 Google Input Tool Tamil
21 Google Input Tool Telugu
22 Google Input Tool Tigrinya
23 Google Input Tool Urdu


Google Input Tools FAQ

With the help of Google Input Tools, users can write more than 20 languages as easily as you write the English language on your computer. Google Input software helps you to write many languages very easily.

Google Input Tools is a Shareware software for the Windows Operating system developed by Google Inc. Google input tools are one of the best tools for typing regional language on a computer or laptop. Google Input Tools helps you to write many languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, Arabic and much more. It serves the purpose of text management and real-time translations to and from around 130 languages. Furthermore, you have the luxury to switch between the languages in just a click.

Google has stopped Google Input Tools service for windows application, so you can’t download Google Input Tools Offline Setup file from the official website. However, the good news is that you can still download it. we have a collection of all the installer file, users you can download all Google input tools offline installer from

Yes, Google Input Tools offline installer works on Windows 10. Google Input also works in Windows 7, Windows 8 in both 32 Bit/64 Bit windows versions.

Users have to install the two types software. At first, user have to install the Google Input Tools Primary Installer, then after install the language that you want to add into the input tools.

When you type in English the tool will automatically convert the word into your regional language. For example, If you want to write “नमस्ते” then you have to type “Namaste”.

There are four options on Google Input. The Input Method Editors (IME) use a translation engine that maps user keystrokes to other languages. Transliteration calls for the translation of text phonetics of the same tone from one language to another. Digital keyboard supported by Google Input provides direct typing in another language. Handwriting permits the drawing of manual characters either with fingertips or stylus.

The shortcuts available to Gmail and Google Drive are 'CTRL + SHIFT + K' for Google Input toggling, and 'CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + K' for menu access. To Chinese applications, 'SHIFT' means switching between English and Chinese, 'SHIFT + SPACE' means switching between single-byte and double-byte characters, and 'CTRL +.' means switching between single-byte and double-byte characters when in punctuation.

It is very easy to use Google Input Tools in Microsoft Office Word(MS Office Word). Download and install the Google Input Tools offline installer and use the “Windows+Space Bar” to change the language. Simply open the MS Office Word and start typing.

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