Date Converter English to Nepali

English to Nepali Date Converter is the date conversion tool that converts from English (Gregorian Date, AD) Date to Nepali (Bikram Sambat, BS) Date online. Date Converter English Date to Nepali is the most efficient way to convert Date between AD to BS. This tool helps convert dates like Date of birth, historical Nepali dates, passport-visa dates, dates in document translation, etc. Use the tool to convert English Date to Nepali Date.


Date Converter Tool

English Date to Nepali Date Converter Online

English Date Converter is an online web application that converts the English Date to Nepali Date. With English Date Converter Tool, you can turn English Date to Nepali date by selecting the Year, Month and Day. Even you can change the date from A.D. to B.S. from this English Date Converter tool. To Convert date, at first choose the Year/Month/Date to convert and then click the convert button. Now you can find convert result in the same page.

Date Converter English to Nepali is the date converter between the Gregorian calendar of Bikram Sambat. English date today is usually observed by the Government officials; most urban people use the English calendar.

English Calendar implements the lunisolar calendar system called Bikram Sambat Calendar. Gregorian calendar, on the other hand, is Solar Calendar. The Bikram Sambat (B.S.) calendar system is called Nepali Panchang or Patro and has lunar months and solar sidereal year.

Convert English Date to Nepali Date


If you want to convert dates from the English calendar to the Nepali calendar, this article is here to help. With many countries worldwide using different calendars, keeping track of dates and remembering how they correspond can be challenging. Fortunately, a helpful tool known as a date converter makes translating between calendars easy and efficient.

English to Nepali Date Converter Online

English to Nepali date converter online tools is becoming increasingly popular among users who need to convert dates between the two languages. These online converters are easy-to-use and can quickly correct any English date into its Nepali equivalent. The best part is that many of these converters are free, so there's no need to worry about paying an extra fee.

To use an English-to-Nepali date converter, enter the English date in the appropriate text box and click 'Convert'. The tool will then generate a corresponding Nepali date in either Bikram Sambat or Shaka Sambat format. For example, entering December 25th, 2023, into the converter will return 09 Poush 2080 BS as its output. English to Nepali Date Converter makes it very convenient for anyone who needs to quickly convert dates from one language or calendar system to another without knowing how the conversion works behind the scenes.

Overall, English-to-Nepali date converter online tools provide an efficient way for people with limited language skills and knowledge of calendars systems to easily make conversions between different languages and calendars systems at their convenience.

Benefits: Easy Conversion

One of the significant benefits of a date converter from English to Nepali is its ease of conversion. This type of converter simplifies the process and makes it easier for users to convert dates from one language to another quickly. Using this type of converter allows users to save time on manual calculations and avoid potential errors when converting dates between different Calendar systems. Additionally, the user-friendly interface ensures that anyone with basic computer skills can easily use it without prior knowledge or experience.

This form of date converter also eliminates the need to download multiple third-party applications, as all calculations are done directly within the application. These converters' accuracy and reliability make them an ideal choice for those who need a quick and reliable way to convert dates between two languages with minimal effort. Furthermore, some converters come with additional features such as calculating leap years or providing information about holidays in both languages, making them highly convenient for frequent travelers or people doing business in multiple countries.

Calendar Format: Bikram Sambat

Based on the ancient Saka era, Bikram Sambat (BS) is a calendar system used in Nepal and India. It is believed to have been introduced by Indian Emperor Bikramaditya in 57 BC. This lunar-based calendar contains many festivals and religious events, making it an essential part of Nepalese culture. The BS calendar begins every year on Baishakh 1 and ends on Chaitra 31, with 12 months comprising 30 days each. Each month consists of two fortnights: Pakshya (dark fortnight) and Vadya (bright fortnight).

The year 2077 BS began on April 13th, 2020, and will end on April 12th, 2021. To convert dates from the English Gregorian Calendar to the Nepali Bikram Sambat Calendar, subtract 57 years from the Gregorian date if it does not fall within 2074 BS or later; for instance, for 2020 AD, subtract 57 years, which makes it 1963 BS. If you wish to convert a date within 2074 BS or later, subtract 56 years from the Gregorian date; for example, 2021 AD would become 2065 BS after subtraction.

Step-by-Step Guide: Convert Date from English to Nepali

1. Start by opening any Nepali date converter tool online. It will provide you with a virtual calendar where you must select the English month and year of the date that needs to be converted into Nepali.

2. According to the Gregorian or English calendar, if a person wants to convert an English date in Nepal Sambat, they must select the corresponding day, month, and year from the online converter tool. This will allow them to find out what would be equivalent in terms of days and months according to their country's calendar system i.e., Nepal Sambat.

3. After selecting all three components (day, month, and year) correctly in the Nepali date converter tool, it displays both formats i.e., Gregorian (English) and Nepal Sambat. Together with their corresponding dates on top of each other for comparison purposes, it is easier for people to understand how these two different calendars are related regarding date conversion from one format into another.

Alternative Options: Online Converters

Many online date converter tools are available to convert English dates into Nepali dates. These conversions are typically done in two formats: converting one specific date at a time or providing the user with an option to select multiple dates and convert them all at once. A popular online date calculator is the MyDateCalculator, which offers an easy-to-use interface to convert any English date into Nepali format. Another resource that provides accurate conversion results is OnlineBuddha's Date Converter, which allows users to enter as many as 20 dates simultaneously and convert them all simultaneously.

Additionally, Google Sheets offers a convenient formula for users who wish to perform conversions quickly without relying on any third-party resources. By simply entering "=CONVERT(A1, "en", "ne")" in cell B1 and replacing "A1" with the specific English date you wish to convert, users can instantly get the output in Nepali format from cell B2 onwards.

Tips for Accuracy: Double-Check

Double-checking is necessary to ensure accuracy when using a date converter from English to Nepali. Before settling on a result, users should always take the time to review the conversion and double-check that it is accurate. This can be done by ensuring that the day, month, and year are correct with what was entered into the converter for conversion. Users should also check that their desired date's Nepali equivalent matches their corresponding English version. For example, if you enter December 25th, 2020, into an English-Nepali converter, ensure it converts correctly to Magh 11 2077 (or whatever other variation of the Nepali calendar). By taking this extra step of double-checking your results, you will have greater confidence in the accuracy of your conversions.

Conclusion: Date Converter English to Nepali

There are various online platforms available to convert English dates into Nepali. Many of them offer text-to-text conversion, as well as a visual representation of the corrected date in both languages. The process is straightforward; users must select the desired English date, enter it into the platform, and then receive its corresponding Nepali version in a few seconds.

Furthermore, these converter tools help convert dates from English to Nepali and other languages such as Sanskrit or Hindi into Nepali. This makes them especially helpful when dealing with different cultures that require different calendars. Some converters may also offer features such as lunar calendar conversion, which can be beneficial when comparing dates between two or more countries with distinct religious traditions.

In conclusion, date conversion from English to Nepali is highly convenient and fast, thanks to modern-day technology. Various free online tools are available, making this task easy and efficient for everyone who needs it.


Date Converter English to Nepali Converter FAQ

Our Date Converter English to Nepali converter is one of the most efficient ways to convert Date from English to Nepali Date and vice versa.

Date Converter English to Nepali Converter is a tool that converts the Date of Nepal from Bikram Sambat(BS) to Anno Domini (AD) and from AD to BS. It is a date converter between Bikram Sambat BS and Gregorian (Anno Domini)(AD) calendar. It converts the Date in Faster, Better & Smarter way.

Date Converter English to Nepali Converter requires while we have to change English birth date into Nepali Date. With this tool, you can quickly check older Nepali dates too. If you are going outside of the country and have to fill the application form, you need to know the international date format. If you have your Date in Nepali, you can easily convert your Nepali Date into English Date. This Nepali Date uses different purposes like to fill the English Date on the university's application, passports, visas, or even for official documents.

The date converter is almost all the same, and functions on the same algorithm. We have made a date converter as simple as possible. So, the Nepali Date Converter that we provide is the best Date Conversion tool on the internet. It is much easier to use and get results.

With Nepali Date Converter's help, you can convert the Date from Bikram Sambat(Nepali Date) to Anno Domini (English Date) and vice versa. This tool is useful for converting dates such as birth date, historical Nepali dates, passport-visa dates, document translation dates, etc.

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