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Typing Keyboards is a simple and fun. You can learn to type with our free typing practice online. These typing keyboards works directly on your browser. You don't need to download any software to practice the provided exercises. You will be able to type without looking at the keyboard.

Virtual Typing Keyboard simply makes you more productive and it is a skill worth learning. However, many people engage in the bad habit of 'hunt-and-peck' typing, even those seasoned professionals with years and decades of computer experience. It is easy to understand, though, as touch typing requires dedicated practice to learn it well. That is why we created Typing Tutor Keyboard, a free online typing tutorial, to give you the most advanced learning experience and let you develop your typing skills faster.

Try new Nepali Typeshala Online to improve Nepali typing performance.

Typing Keyboards are free! Just try it and see for yourself.

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Typing Keyboards are free typing courseware running directly in your browser. It assists you to practice your keyboard skills efficiently and therefore increase your typing speed immensely.

Improve your typing speed, accuracy and confidence for work, education and home. Typing Tutor Keyboard is prepared with you in mind. Learn Typing is an online free typing tutor. Our free typing lessons have been prepared for people of all ages, experiences and skill levels to learn how to type. Includes free typing test, game, video tutorials and support.

Typing Test

How fast can you type? Use our typing tutor test and check your current typing speed online.

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Learn the fundamentals on how to practice efficiently and type faster by using all 10 fingers.


Choose from a variety of free typing lessons and practice your typing skills gradually.


Follow your progress by keeping an eye on your latest results and your long-term improvements.


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  • Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.
  • You will soon be typing faster than you ever imagined.
  • Choose between 23 different keyboard layouts.
  • Web-based course. No downloads required.

Top Downloads

These are the best Typing programs on your PC without spending any penny and learning typing fast.

Nepali Keyboard Layout

Nepali Keyboard Layout is for them who wants to learn to type in Nepali Language. You can use this online keyboard layout to write in Nepali text quickly.

Nepali Fonts

Nepali Fonts or Devnagari Fonts are used to type in Nepali Language. At we provide all type of Nepali font to download at free.

Typing Guru

Typing Guru is an alternative to Nepali Typeshala software. This is the typing Tutor Software for those who want to Learn Typing from starting.