If you have already installed PUBG Mobile Game in your phone or PC and you do not know what is the name of the creator of PUBG game? What are the features of PUBG Game? How to play PUBG Mobile Game? So definitely read this post.

How to play PUBG Game? Everyone likes to play the game, whether it is any game, if we like that game, then we start playing it, and PUBG Game is also one of them. Everyone’s choices vary. In which someone may like shooting games, then someone can like racing games.

Ever since PUBG game came, it has become the favourite game of people; people prefer to play it in free time. The craze of this game has increased so much; now you can see someone playing this game.

Maybe you have also played this PUBG Game and if you have not played this game and you want to know about it, then keep reading this post.

How to play PUBG Game?

PUBG game is an Online Multiplayer Game. In this game, 100 players land on one map at a time, after which the person who can survive means that he can survive the game.

This game can be played on smartphones, PCs, laptops and gaming consoles. This game is available on all platforms. The same game was launched in 2017. This game for phones is available on both Android and iOS.

You can not play this game without an internet connection. All 100 players in this game are real who play with the help of their phones just like you. This game takes 1 minute during the match, in which the number of players came; otherwise, the lack of other players complete the bots in the game.

The game offers a variety of modes as well as many maps, due to its popularity, PUBG Game users give a new update every three weeks, in which every time they get something new and better.

Who created the PUBG Game?

Today, PUBG is so popular that people only need to mention its name and give all that, but do you know about its inventor who created the PUBG game? If not, then we tell you.

The name of the creator of PUBG Game is – Brendan Greene. The idea for the game came to him, and he is the creator and designer of the Paggi game. Talking about the company of this game, the name of the company making this game is BlueHole.

Where this game is made in Seoul, South Korea and Tencent Games manage it, and this game is published for everyone.

It is a Seoul Based Company called Bluehole. Pubg is made in Seoul, South Korea and published by Tencent Games.

Download Pubg Game

You can easily download both Mobile Version and PC Version of PUBG Game, where it has two versions for PC, one is PUBG PC, and the other is PUBG Mobile Emulator.

Download PUBG PC Lite Game

Download PUBG Mobile Emulator PC Game

In which you can download PUBG Mobile Game from Google PlayStore as well as download its PC version by visiting these websites.

To download PUBG mobile and PUBG PC game, you can download it by clicking on the link given below; you can also download it by searching on Google.

It would be best if you had high specs of your PC to play PUBG PC game because its graphics are very good. Wazi PUBG emulator game is similar to PUBG mobile game which you can easily play on your PC. However, this is not the case; for this, you will not need good PC specs.

So let’s get to the point now, and know about this game. When you start this game, we have to login through Facebook or Twitter, on creating a new ID, initially only one map is opened in the game, playing ‘ Erangle ‘ which you have to reach 25 levels after which everything else opens.

Talking about playing the game, 100 players jump from the aeroplane on a map when the game starts. In which all the players have to kill other players to survive till the last. The player who survives until the end is called the Winner of the game.

Weapons and other items found in the game

Weapons are required to fight after jumping to a location on the map in the PUBG game so that you can fight Enemy. Also, in the game, you get ‘Energy Drinks, Clothes, Vehicles, Bags, First-aid’ etc.

You can play in the game in Solo, Duo, Squad, that is, you can play alone or just two or make a team of three without turning on ‘ Auto Matching ‘. Also, if you play in squads and are playing without forming your team, then auto-matching will have to be played on so that a squad of 4 people can be formed.

It is necessary to live inside the circle in a pub game. When you land on the map, within 2 to 3 minutes, a circle is formed, which is called ‘ Blue Zone ‘. You have to take care that if you are not escaping from this zone, then it reduces your health.

Over time these circles become smaller, as well as a ‘ Red Zone ‘ is formed in it, which is formed at a place whose size is only as much as or less than that area.

From which you have to stay safe. If you are in the grip of the red zone, you can be knocked out, and if you are playing solo, then you can die directly.

What is PUBG Game Features?

Talking about its features, it gets many features, and with every new update, new features keep coming. If you talk about its current features in PUBG game, then you can do voice conversion with your Teammates while playing the game. Also, there are many more features in it which are explained further.

Game Features

  • In the game, you can mark your anime and tell your team members. You can set how many bullets to take for each gun by going to settings and how many Medicis to take.
  • If your mic is off, you can have a quick chat in the game, so that you can tell your teammates.
  • You can adjust the graphics of the game as you like.
  • The new update includes the option of ‘ Universal Marking ‘ that quickly makes it visible to teammates and makes those items visible by distance.
  • You get the experience of Realistic Graphics in the game as well as support for 3D HD Sound in the game.
  • All over the game
  • Tree, Grass, Rock, House, Trains, etc., seen in real, have good effects.
  • In this game, you can buy new Skins of Gun, as well as many events run in the game, with the help of which you can win the price from your gaming skills.
  • You can buy them for UC with the help of Cloths, Car, Buggy and many other items found in the game.
  • Apart from this, you can change by going to a lot of settings, which you have full control.

So in this way you can change a lot in this game and can take advantage of the features of these games. Apart from all these, there are many features which you cannot tell in this post or else the post will be very long.

PUBG game is good or bad

See, no game is good or bad, it depends on the player how to handle it, that is, how much time he plays and how he sees and pays attention to that game.

The choice of people varies, so it is not easy to say, you must have heard many times that someone kept playing PUBG game for three days and then died due to that. Or someone stole money from home to buy the Skins of this game, etc.

According to a survey, playing the game has a great effect on our everyday life. If the game is played with the right amount of Limitations, then you can become better at focusing and making strategy. Because in the game you have to take a lot of minds to survive.

But these things are done only by doing limited amount, i.e. playing the game at the right time and limit, excessive use of any game can be fatal. For which, even after playing for 2 hours in a PUBG game, you have to rest.

Simply put, the PUBG game is neither good nor bad; it depends on the user playing the game, how they play it and how much they play. These things prove so much that no addiction to anything should be maintained.


Played the game as much as you were good. So I hope you understand that how to play PUBG Game? What are the features of PUBG game? How to download PUBG game?