In this article today, we are going to tell you how to earn money from Telegram, which can give you a good income.

Yes, even if you have not started working on Telegram yet, but not in lakhs, but you will be able to make 5-10 thousand new channels in 2-3 months by the methods we tell, which for a new person is a fair amount.

But before we tell you that you have earned money from Telegram right now, if you want to earn well, then how do you have to prepare your channel or what should be your channel.

How to make a Telegram channel to earn money?

Who does not know Telegram in today’s time? Telegram is a cloud-based messenger app that not only gives you the facility to chat but also lets you create your community by creating groups and channels.

In such a situation, Telegram has been there for a long time, so many people have channels and groups, so if you want to earn money by creating your channel or group on Telegram, then you have to give good value to people and do something different.

While starting your Telegram channel, keep the following points in mind:

1. Name
The name of your channel should be right, and you have to check the name of your channel so that if your channel grows tomorrow, you can buy a domain and build a website on it.

It would be best if you did not use the name of any company in the name of your channel, like Google, Facebook etc. By doing this, such a channel will not be harmed, but if you put the name of any such company in the name of the channel, you can make a website tomorrow. If you buy a domain for, the company will send the DMCA to your website.

2. Niche
You have to make your channel on one topic, that means if you sell a similar or service tomorrow, then you have a lot of targeted people.

If you make your channel on a particular niche, then your chances of getting sponsorships are also increased. By making in a particular niche, you will get fewer followers, but you will get targeted audience.

If you want to choose a small niche such as dirt bikes etc. then you have to target the audience of UK, USA and look at the niches there and think that what is the niche in your mind, does it run in these countries?

We are talking about the USA and the UK because, in a small and profitable niche, there is adequate income from countries here.

3. Growth
If you want to grow your Telegram channel, then it will not grow automatically, you will have to go to different social media to grow your channel.

Like you will have to answer the questions related to your niche by going to Quora and promoting the link to your channel, you can promote your channel by going to other Telegram groups.

If you have a website, then you can speak to people to join your channel from there. You can speak to members of your YouTube channel to subscribe to your channel. You can promote your channel on WhatsApp among your friends, relatives.

If you have some followers on your channel, then you can speak to other telegram channels which are related to your niche, to promote them.

4. Promote Your Group
When the followers of your telegram channel start increasing, then you also have to promote your group of channels. For this, you can tell your channel to the community that if you want to download a premium course / PDF or EBook, then join our group and you can find its download link in our group’s description or the pinned message of the group’s chat.

You will benefit significantly by increasing the subscribers of the group because by doing this you will be able to speak directly to the audience of your channel and find their questions and answer them in new posts of your channel and increase the engagement.

In such a situation, if you sell your channel tomorrow, then you will have your audience in the group, even if it is rare, but it will engage with you if you are active in the group. So let us now tell you about the ways to earn money from Telegram.

10 great ways to earn money with Telegram

If you have created your Telegram channel keeping in mind all the things as mentioned above, then you will be able to earn money in 2-3 ways by growing your channel by reducing it by 2-3 months.

1. Ads
When your channel grows, in a niche means that subscribers will start coming to you, then sponsorships will start coming to you, and they will give you money to advertise them.

You can also sponsor the right brands to advertise in your niche, and you can earn money by advertising about your channel.

If you are thinking about how much money you will get for advertising, then let us tell you that it depends on your niche.

If you have a blogging niche and you have up to 20,000 subscribers, then maybe you can get 10-20 thousand of an ad or even more money from it.

But if you have created your channel in a niche that no one knows, then perhaps no one will ask you to advertise.

2. Subscription
If your channel is doing well and people like your channel then you can also sell Paid Subscription in which you can create a private channel and tell the members of your main public channel.

If you want premium content or should be teaching from me, when you buy a month/year subscription for this amount, then we will give you access to our premium / VIP private channel or group.

For example, if you share the content of a study, you can go live and teach children through private group/channel and earn money.

3. Service by selling
If any of your channels are in such a niche, here you can sell your service, then you can earn a lot of money.
For example, if your SEO is Niche, you can earn money by selling SEO consultancy to people.

4. By receiving the tip
If people like the content of your channel, then you can ask them to give you a TIP for your work.

For this, you can drop the message and pin it and accept payment from many payment accepting platforms.

5. Make money from the product
If you have a product, you can sell it to people through your Telegram channel. It is not necessary that your product is physical, you can also sell digital product meaning PDF, Ebook or course etc. and earn a good income.

6. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
If you do not have your product or you do not want to sell your product, then you can earn money by selling the product of others, which is called affiliate marketing.

If you do not know about affiliate marketing, then you understand from an example, in a person named A, there is a glass cleaning product, and for some reason, he does not want to go and sell the product himself to the people, then he tells you to B. It is that if you sell my product to the customer, i.e. C, then I will give you some money from your product as commission.

This is called affiliate marketing, in which A is the owner of the product, and C is the customer, and you are working to connect these two by becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

There are many such companies online who give some money as commission to affiliate marketers on selling their product. There are a lot of affiliate marketing companies in India, some of which are famous names amazon, Cj Affiliate etc.

You can earn money by promoting these products related to your niche by your channel by connecting with these platforms.

7. Make Money with Link Shortener
If you make people download files etc. from your Telegram channel, then you can earn money by shortening your URL with URL Shortener.

URL Shortener is websites that shorten your URL, and whenever someone clicks on that link, these websites show an ad to them and from which you earn.

If you have a broad audience, you can earn well with URL Shortener.

Earn money by Paid Post
You can ask other people who are of your niche to post on your Telegram channel and take some money in exchange for the post.

9. Earn money by sending traffic to the website
If you have a good number of subscribers on your channel, then you can create your website and take the approval of Adsense on it and send traffic from your Telegram channel there and earn money.

But there should be no clickbait in it, meaning that you tell something else in the channel and give some more content to the people on the website.

You have to give value to people and likewise promote articles on your channel which are relevant to your audience, and they like them.

10. Earn money by selling Telegram channel
If your channel has grown significantly or your channel has grown in a niche that is in demand in the market, then you can sell your channel for a fair price.

To sell the channel, you can join different groups, here the channels are bought and sold, or you can approach the companies that are of your niche.

But you have to avoid Fraud and do not forget to give access to your channel to anyone before getting paid.


In this article, we have told you how to earn money from Telegram and also told about the things that you should keep in mind while creating your Telegram channel.

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