PUBG Mobile Game has become a game in today’s time, people are going crazy behind it, with PUBG the Gaming Community has become more prominent than ever.

They are so may question how to do live streaming PUBG game from your phone to YouTube or Facebook? Yes, this is very easy, because PUBG players have more phones than PCs and nowadays many people are earning money by playing live games on YouTube from their phones.

Nowadays, people are becoming more interested in the game, and he who becomes more adept in this thing thinks how to use his talent and say.

And even if the platform is found, such as YouTube and Facebook, the problem comes here that it is not right for them. But friends, if you do not have a Gaming PC or Laptop of a type and have a good phone, then you can also do this job with the help of your phone.

Learn to live stream PUBG mobile game from your phone

If you play PUBG Mobile Game, and you have a channel on YouTube, or you want to do live streaming on Facebook in addition to YouTube, you can do this work very quickly from your phone and how to do that.

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How to Live Streaming PUBG Mobile Game?

To live streaming PUBG Mobile Game or other games from the phone, first of all, you have to download an App on your phone called ” Omlet Arcade ” This app is the best for live streaming any game from the phone.

Its most prominent feature is that with its help, you can do live streaming on Facebook and Twitch apart from YouTube.

Omlet Arced App Features
You can record any particular movement of your game with the help of this app; it records itself during your live streaming. Also, with the use of this, you can play and stream many big and popular games like – PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft and Brawl Stars, etc.

Weekly Competitive Tournaments
There are a variety of game tournaments and events weekly, which you can join and play, which are done by the favourite streamers you choose, in which players from any corner of the world can participate and participate.

In-Game Voice Chat
Omlet Arced App has the feature of In-Game Voice Chat; if you are playing the game in the team then for good coordination and planning an attack, you get Voice Chat feature.

Create And Join Clubs
In this, you can join or create any wall, in which you can share things like your RolePlay, Drawing, Memes or Anime. Those who like you can share it here and show it to their club members.

Common Features
These are the features that we need to set while doing live streaming generally so that the stream looks good in which we have told you about it. You can also choose what you want to show on the overlay of your stream during live streaming, you also get many free themes in it, which you get the option to set before going live.

Before starting the stream, you can give its title as well as you can also write its description, whose option comes before starting the live stream.

Apart from all these, you can delay your stream so that no one can do Strem Snipe, as it is many times in games like PUBG.

Kill Cam also features this feature, with the help of which it counts the kilos of the game you have done and records the best movement.

Video quality is essential during live streaming, for which you get the option to stream in High Quality (720P), which depends on your phone’s Hardware Specs.
After the game streaming ends, you can also save it to your phone, for which only you have to enable the given option before starting the stream.

Final Words

So friends, overall, it is best to live stream from Omlet Arced App Phone but friends, I tell you that this is not the only app on PlayStore, besides there are many apps, which I will bring to your list very soon.

Till then, please tell me by commenting on how you felt this information and share it with your friends. I hope you have understood how to Stream PUBG Mobile Game Live from your phone.