Taskbar Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that provide an alternative way to do something that you’d typically do with a mouse.

1. Open a Duplicate Program

Shortcut Key: Shift + Click on Taskbar Program

If you want to open another instance of an active program, you can achieve it through this shortcut. Press the Shift key and click on any Taskbar program. A duplicate window of the same app will open up.

2. Quickly Open Pinned Taskbar App

Shortcut Key: Windows + Number based on the position of the App

If you want to quickly open pinned apps on your Taskbar, you can do so by pressing the Windows key and the number at which they are positioned. This shortcut makes it really easy to access programs without leaving the keyboard.

3. Cycle Through Different Apps on Taskbar

Shortcut Key: Windows + T

If you find the above shortcut overwhelming with its numbering scheme, you can use this shortcut to open Taskbar apps on the fly. It lets you cycle through all the apps pinned on your Taskbar and you can open it with the Enter key.

Virtual Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Open Task View

Shortcut Key: Windows + Tab

This shortcut can really improve your workflow if you regularly use Virtual Desktop on Windows 10. Besides, you can also access your activities from other devices in the Task View window.

2. Add a New Virtual Desktop

Shortcut Key: Windows + Ctrl + D

Adding a new virtual desktop through Task View is really laborious on Windows 10. Instead of that, you can use this simple shortcut to create a new Virtual Desktop without wasting any time.

3. Switch Between Virtual Desktops

Shortcut Key: Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow

Again, wade through the clutter of multiple windows and Virtual Desktops through this shortcut. It’s a breeze to switch between Virtual Desktops using this shortcut.

4. Close Current Virtual Desktop

Shortcut Key: Windows + Ctrl + F4

You can close the active Virtual Desktop without jumping through hoops. Just use this shortcut and you are done with it.