The File Explorer in Windows 10 comes with a new look and several new options and features. To work efficiently with Explorer, make use of these keyboard shortcuts, sourced from Microsoft – that will help you navigate quickly between folders and its settings.

1. Open File Explorer

Shortcut Key: Windows + E

You can directly open File Explorer without moving to Desktop and opening “This PC”. This shortcut helps me quickly find files and folders without losing any moment. You can use this shortcut to improve your workflow.

2. Search File Explorer

Shortcut Key: Ctrl + F

You want to quickly search files without touching the mouse? Just press Windows and F keys in File Explorer and you will be ready to enter your search query.

3. Go Back to the Previous Folder

Shortcut Key: Backspace

Backspace is the easiest way to navigate the Windows file system. If you are in a folder and want to go back, just press the backspace key and you will be in the parent directory. You can also use the Arrow keys to move the cursor and Enter key to open any file or folder.

4. Preview an Image

Shortcut Key: Alt + P

If you want to preview an image without opening it, you can use this shortcut. It’s really helpful and saves a lot of time.

5. Open Properties

Shortcut Key: Alt + Enter

You can use this shortcut to quickly open the Properties dialog box. Just select the file/folder and press Alt and Enter keys. The dialog box will appear instantly.

6. Change the Icon Size of Files and Folders

Shortcut Key: Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel

If you want to change the icon size without touching the View panel, this shortcut is the fastest way to do it. Just press and hold the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel. There you have it.