Usually, many of us face the problem of getting our mobile phone hanged or slowed down. If your smartphone has also slowed down and because of this you are upset, then we have five useful tips for you to solve Mobile phone hanging problem. Today we are going to give you some special tips here so that you will get rid of the problem of slow or hang and your mobile will work faster as before.

1. Cache Clear

Often mobile phone users forget to clear Cache data, which causes the device to slow down and hang up. In this case, you can get rid of the problem of phone hang by deleting Cache data. You will get the option of Cache data in the settings by going to storage.

2. Use lite version mobile app

Your smartphone may have lots of apps installed, and all the apps are useful, which you cannot delete. The best way is to use the lite version of apps like Facebook and Twitter on your phone. Which also saves the data of the phone and does not allow the speed to slow down.

3. Cloud storage will benefit a lot

If your phone’s storage is full, then you can use cloud storage. You can store files and folders on the cloud that you useless. By doing this, the internal storage of the phone will be empty, and the phone will never hang. For cloud storage, you can use Google Drive, One Drive and DropBox.

4. Use live wallpaper sparingly

If you do not want to let your phone slow down, then you use less of the live wallpaper. Such wallpaper increases phone battery consumption and slows down the processing. You better use simple wallpapers, that will never slow down your phone.

5. Close background apps

Sometimes it happens that we download many such apps in mobile, which are continually running in the background. The speed of the phone is also affected by this. If you want to prevent the phone from hanging, do not forget to close the apps after using them.