Myanmar language was encoded on ASCII code. The English  character set was temporarily leased. For example, the Burmese word “a” is encoded on the English letter U (ASCII code point 117). However, in Unicode, “a” and “u” are different characters. Only when a computer knows a standard will any computer in the world understand Myanmar. The computer-acceptable standard is to code the dog as U + 1000 and the dog as U + 1001. Not only this, with the help of software developers around the world you can do just that. Such declarations are standardized by ISO .

What is Myanmar Unicode?

The 16-digit number from U + 1000 to U + 109F, a mathematical 16-digit number, has been used to represent the Myanmar alphabet in 160 numbers since Unicode / ISO10646 version 3. In version 6.3 up to U + AA60 U + AA7F; Version 7 specifies U + A9E0 to U + A9FF respectively. The characters in the Myanmar Unicode system are Myanmar, Pali Sanskrit Mon စကောကရင်၊ Western Po Karen; East Po Karen; Pa-O Rume Palaung Shan Khang Shan; ကယား၊ Shan Pali It includes ethnic languages ​​such as Tai Li.

Why use Unicode fonts?

If you are using a font that does not comply with the Unicode standard, the font you are using may not be compatible with the font used by the third party. Your font may be uppercase, but someone else may be Shan ၾ because the codepoint is the same. This problem does not occur if you are using a Unicode font. The Unicode format is displayed on any computer.

Which fonts follow the Myanmar Unicode standard?

There are many fonts that follow the Unicode standard. Some free fonts are: Myanmar3, Padauk, Parabike, Masterpiece, Win Uni Innwa, Tharlon, MyMyanmar and Pyidaungsu fonts.

What are the fonts used?

Two fonts are not only readable in Unicode, but also read and understand 80% of the text written in Zawgyi. However, you can only write correctly in Unicode when writing. It was developed as a force for Unicode conversion.

Which keyboard should I use? Which is the standard keyboard?

There is no international standard for keyboard layout. The Myanmar3 keyboard is now used as a local standard, and the Myanmar keyboard developed by Microsoft is the same as the Myanmar3 keyboard.

What can happen if Zawgyi continues to use it?

Ethnic languages ​​can no longer be used. Google Maps Google Translate I can not see Myanmar language correctly on Facebook etc. And computer linguistics; Lack of advancement in language development is hampering socio-economic development.

Can Zawgyi be converted to Unicode?

No Zaw Gyi wrote the basic vowel in the Burmese language. Neither Unicode nor ISO will accept this proposal because it does not comply with the rules. No action will be taken.

How to install Unicode font?

You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • You can do this by setting “Default” in Settings >> Display >> Font.
  • You can get it by selecting Default Theme / Default Font in Theme Style.
  • You can switch between English (US) or English (UK) via Settings >> Language & Input.
  • Go to Settings >> Language & Input by selecting a language such as “Burmese (Unicode)”, Myanmar (Unicode), English (Myanmar [Burma]).
  • For phones that can select two languages ​​at the same time, English is the first language. Burmese (Unicode) can be used as a second.
  • You can install with iFont apk.
  • Phones with only ZawGyi font can be installed with root access.

What are the benefits of converting to Unicode?

By using Unicode fonts

  1. Typing on the blackboard
  2. Reduce spelling mistakes;
  3. Easy typing;
  4. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail.
  5. Translate and view foreign languages ​​on Facebook
  6. You can also see Zawgyi text on Facebook and Messenger.
  7. Real-text on Google Maps
  8. Save photos taken with Google Photos as a text file without having to retype;
  9. Google Photos can be automatically added from the address card to a phone address.
  10. You can write in Google handwriting without having to type on both the computer and phone.
  11. Translate into multiple languages ​​with Google Translate.
  12. You can translate by speaking to different languages ​​using Voice Tra system.
  13. The correct Myanmar language in Mawkar GPS systems.
  14. There is no need to install Myanmar language on your phone and computer. Save money
  15. Myanmar names are organized and easy to find.
  16. Do a Google search for the site
  17. Improved liaison with the government;
  18. Read the encyclopedia Wikipedia.
  19. Make English on Facebook Burmese
  20. Ability to use ethnic languages ​​as well
  21. Signs in foreign languages ​​include Google Translate; Books Take photos of food parcels and translate them into Burmese

Download Myanmar Unicode Converter

1. KaNaung Converter

Win, CE, Matrix font, ZawGyi, Myanmar3, etc. Text file and text can be exchanged. Download

2. PK_Converter

Zawgyi, Unicode systems can be written as well as text. It can be converted to a file or You can also convert music files. Download

3. NLP Converter V2

You can convert Win font, CE font, ZawGyi, Myanmar1, Word file, Excel file and some text to Unicode. Download

4. Microsoft Excel 2010 Plugin Converter

Convert Win font, Zawgyi font to Myanmar3 font. (For Windows 7) Download

5. Microsoft Word 2010 Plugin Converter

Convert Win font, Zawgyi font to Myanmar3 font. (For Windows 7) Download

6. Myanmar2 to Myanmar3 Converter

Text typed in Myanmar2 font When converting files to another Unicode font, errors caused by typos are corrected to the correct text. Download

7. Myanmar Unicode Dictionary

It is a dictionary but also has a converter system. You can also change file names. Download

8. MMFontConverter


9. MUAFontConverter



1. Rabbit Converter


2. Font Tagger (Safari Extension)