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Like Arabic, Hebrew is written and read from right to left. Readers are expected to vocalise texts themselves. However, four consonants can also be used to represent vowel sounds. In addition, there are five letters that have different forms when used at the ends of words.

Hebrew script is further characterised by a set of diacritical marks to indicate vocalisation. These take the form of points and small lines. The diacritical and vocalisation system also includes cantillation marks to indicate how religious texts consisting of consonants only are to be chanted in the synagogue.


If you’d like to install all the fonts in the font pack at once, follow these instructions:

  1. To search and find all of the TTF files in the unzipped directory of fonts, use CTRL-F
    type *.ttf (asterisk dot ttf) as your search keyword. Repeat this step but type *.otf for searching for and installing OTF files.
  2. The search will list all of the fonts in their separate directories.
    To select all of them at once use CTRL-A. (Alternately you can click edit on the windows toolbar and select, “select all”.)
  3. Then right-click on any of the highlighted fonts and select “install font”. (Make sure to right-click rather than left-click, otherwise, you won’t see the install font option and you’ll have to select them all again using CTRL-A.)


If you want to access the Hebrew letters in these fonts, you’ll need to setup your a keyboard layout for your operating system. Instructions here.

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