Real Python is offering free Python courses, so grab the offer before it expires. Since these are scary times and many of us are stuck at home, Real Python wanted to offer you some distraction.

Here’s a gift code for a bundle of our members-only video courses on Real Python:


Clicking the link above gives you lifetime access to the following video courses on Real Python—no strings attached whatsoever:

  • How to Publish Your Own Python Package to PyPI
  • Traditional Face Detection With Python
  • Functional Programming in Python
  • Cool New Features in Python 3.8

I picked a selection of courses that will guide you through building some fun & useful projects. These are normally paid products available only on Real Python, but I’m making them available for free to you.

Once you redeem your gift code by clicking the link above you’ll get access to all of the course videos, sample code, and downloadable materials forever.

I know this isn’t going to fix the crisis—but I hope this course offers you some healthy distraction and a couple of cool new tricks you can apply in your own code.

Just pick a course that looks interesting and watch a couple of lessons over lunch or dinner 🙂

Hang in there and…Happy Pythoning!

— Dan Bader
Owner & Editor-in-Chief at Real Python

P.S. Feel free to share this with your colleagues, friends, clients, employees, or anyone that could use this time to learn new skills, cross-train, and get prepared for when things get back to normal (and they will). Just tell them to go to this URL, I’ll periodically “refill” the gift code: