We all know the Dvorak keyboard is build to make you easy to type. Scientifically, the keys are placed to type fast. Users don’t want to adapt to the new keyboard layout than the QWERTY Keyboard layout.

QWERTY is the most common keyboard style, and this style is used by over 85 percent of people to type English letters. Due to less availability, people can’t use the Dvorak layout. That’s why I’m writing this article, where we’ll talk about how you can turn your current QWERTY Keyboard layout into a Dvorak keyboard.

In the year 1932, August Dvorak designed the Dvorak keyboard. He was a professor at Washington University. In writing the research paper on typing and its errors, he first finds the inefficiency of the QWERTY form.

Change QWERTY Keyboard Layout in Windows 10

At first, go to windows 10 settings.

Then go to Time & Language. Under the Region and Language tab, open Language option. You will see the English (United States) Preferred Language section. Click the options button. Click on the Add a keyboard button. Now select United States Dvorak keyboard and apply the settings.

A keyboard selection box will appear in the taskbar. You can use this to switch between Dvorak and QWERTY keyboard.

windows 10 settings
windows 10 region language

Change QWERTY Keyboard Layout in Mac OS

If you are using Mac OS, click on the Apple Main Menu then open System Preferences. You will find Keyboard, click on this. A wizard will appear, now go to Input Sources. Click on the + icon. Now add Dvorak under the English keyboard.

mac os system preferances
windows 10 region language

Is not it simple? You can follow these steps to change your keyboard back to QWERTY. Hope this post will help you.