All business owners want to save money. But, as an entrepreneur, every penny you spend on your business has an impact. And there are some places where your dollars go even further and may even earn their keep when it comes to your bottom line. Here, we take a look at training, technology, and IT services that are more than worth the investment.


Your employees are arguably your greatest asset. Because of this, you not only want the best people on your side, you also want to provide them with every tool possible to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Training is one of these. Spend some time reviewing websites, such as LinkedIn’s Lynda, that offer on-demand training in everything from leadership and productivity to business intelligence and career development. You’ll also benefit from ensuring your employees are aware of free resources, including, that they can utilize to enhance their current skills.

Remember that employees that receive little or no training may actually be less productive on top of inefficient. They’ll be unhappy, and you will likely take a loss because of mistakes. Untrained workers can also result in lost customers and extraneous expenses that can quickly eat away at your profits. Even worse, those that are unhappy are the ones who are most likely to leave, meaning a higher turnover ratio and all of the expenses that go along with on-boarding new employees.


Up to date software and systems is another tool to provide your employees and customers. According to Gulf South Technology Solutions, upgrading your systems means that you will have better access to software support and should experience fewer security risks. Maintenance costs will also be lower, and you may be able to take advantage of certain tax benefits by buying into new technology to support a growing small business.

Fortunately, although computers, servers, and other office equipment can get expensive, you can also utilize the internet to look for deals from major providers. Lenovo coupons, for example, via sites such as Rakuten, can help you get the best deal on laptops for your employees, which is exponentially important if they currently or plan to work remotely. In this instance, you also want to ensure that everyone is properly connected to your networks and their machines are thoroughly secured. This brings us to…

Managed IT

Managed IT services are a way to ensure that your business stays current and connected without having the operational costs of an in-house IT department. By utilizing a subscription-based service, you only pay for those text services that you need. And the money that you save can be channeled into marketing, inventory, or other necessary components of your business. An IT service provider may, for example, ensure that you have all of the software you need to perform your professional duties. They will also ensure that your systems and applications are outfitted with the most recent antivirus software, firewalls, and other cybersecurity components.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of managed IT is that it allows you to scale your business quickly when you need to. If you suddenly find yourself with twice as many customers, you won’t have to scramble to determine which pieces of equipment you need to properly handle an influx. A quick call to your tech advisor, and all you need to provide are the employees.

Ultimately, you have to spend money in any business to make it successful. However, there are some places where your money matters the most, and these are also the areas where your investment will provide a return. Technology is one of these, and, given the digital age we live in, it is something that you can’t afford to ignore.

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