During the COVID-19 crisis, all these learning paths are free for everyone wishing to advance their career or learn something new during the quarantine.

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It’s much easier to concentrate on the journey and reach your goal when you have a clearly defined roadmap. Introducing Learning Paths – follow the steps, complete online courses, and learn everything you need to prepare for the career of your dreams!

6 Free courses available on Bitdegree

1. Game Developer with Unity

Unity is a blessing for anyone interested in producing games. It is the most popular mobile and virtual reality game development software. For example, Unity was used to produce approximately 90% of Samsung Gear VR games. Unity is an excellent choice for running games on different platforms and devices. What does this mean? Once you are done producing the code in Unity, it will work on devices like video game consoles, iPhones, Androids, and computers.

This learning path will give you the chance to learn more about game mechanics and the Unity interface. Additionally, Unity features an asset store, offering tons of free and paid content for your games. For instance, you can find elements for building maps, sceneries, characters, and so much more! Since you will need to use C# in Unity, the recommended courses will cover this topic extensively as well!

2. iOS App Developer

Nowadays, people are glued to their mobile devices, and 90% of that mobile time is dedicated to various applications. Users are always scouting the playground for new apps, and your ideas might be just the thing that the market needs.

However, before your vision for an iOS app could become a reality, you need to develop the skills necessary for building and publishing an app on the App Store. In this learning path, you will be introduced to all the different prerequisites for developers, environments that you will need to work on, and other concepts that dominate the iOS app development.

Getting down to specifics: every developer of iOS apps needs to be familiar with Swift, Xcode IDE, spatial reasoning, design guidelines, the importance of UI and UX, and other vital principles. After getting comfortable with all these concepts and their use, you can start planning the development of an app for your big break as an iOS developer!

3. Android App Developer

Android app development is a competitive field, with Google Play introducing dozens of new applications daily. Besides having the technical how-to for building Android apps, developers need to make their products stand out among competitors. In this learning path, we lay out the main principles of Android development and invite you to explore the non-technical decisions that you will need to make as well.

Every developer of Android apps has a lot of ground to cover before producing apps that you can proudly introduce as yours. You need to meet Sketch, the dominant tool for creating the design for your app. The next guest that you should greet with the utmost care is Java, the leading programming language for Android app development. Do not hesitate to get down to business and let this roadmap lead the way!

4. Game Designer

First and foremost, game designers are specialists who have extensive knowledge about the gaming industry. They are capable of identifying the features that work, and which diminish the user experience. Besides loving games, game designers are the people that decide the way a game will look. For the most part, game designers repeat and polish the time-tested strategies, but sometimes, they take more unusual routes to test their ideas.

Game designers are valued not only for their creative mindsets but also for their technical background. For instance, such specialists are expected to be confident when working with Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Unity. Therefore, you need to understand prototyping, modeling, visual effects, compositing, and other critical concepts of game development.

5. Web Developer

Web development is always scouting for new talents. Basically, you have three options: a career in front-end or back-end. What is the third? The final option means that you become a true mastermind in both of these fields. However, let’s walk before we run.

Front-end developers are responsible for building the user interface. They decide on the colors, fonts, sizes, and all other visual elements. They work hand-in-hand with web designers or are capable of being both: front-end specialists and web designers. This field is preferred by many because your work leads to a clear-cut visual image.

For back-end developers, the situation is a little different. They work under-the-hood, reassuring that the website functions correctly, connects to databases, and performs other critical tasks. Therefore, their work is invisible to the naked eye since visitors are more inclined to react to visual elements (at least initially).

In this learning path, you will be introduced to the main programming and scripting languages for web development. You will have the chance to learn from professionals about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and the most widely used frameworks/libraries.

6. Online Business Master

We all use the Internet every day to shop, communicate, read the news, and deal with multiple other daily needs. But have you ever thought about turning it to a source of income, too? Whether you want to take care of an online business full-time or simply earn some additional money on the side, there are multiple options for you to choose from. Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, blogging, and various other options are available to everyone: you do not need expensive equipment, huge investments, or a team of coworkers.

Using the courses presented in this Learning Path, you will find out how to turn your skills, time and ideas into profit. Not only will you learn about different ways to earn money online, but you’ll also gain valuable insights on productivity, time management, and maximizing your profits.

7. Digital Marketing Guru

The Internet has revolutionized a multitude of industries – including marketing. With customers spending more and more time online, businesses have no other option but to take their online presence very seriously. Having a well-made website and writing eye-catching emails is not enough, either: you need to understand the peculiarities of social media networks and know how exactly you should use them to reach your target audience.

When done right, digital marketing allows a business to reach the most impressive results while keeping the cost at minimum. By taking this Learning Path, you will find out everything a digital marketing professional needs to know to succeed, including the distinct techniques for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other kinds of social media.

8. Machine Learning Specialist

Traditionally, machines were believed to be instruction-based, only capable of implementing clear-cut tasks from users. However, thanks to technological advances, specialists began experimenting with other capabilities of machines. Can they learn by example? Can they make predictions based on large volumes of data? As a machine learning specialist, you will need to dive deep into these questions. With the help of algorithms, statistical models, neural networks, and other technologies, you will be aiming to make machines recognize patterns and implement actions without instructions.

In this learning path, you will be introduced to everything necessary to launch your career in machine learning. First of all, Python is the obvious choice for many specialists due to its English-like syntax and rich ecosystem. Furthermore, you will explore algorithms, different libraries and frameworks, and the actual implementation of AI-based apps and programs.