YMCA 360 is an on-demand video platform for our Y community. We’re bringing you group exercise classes, youth sports classes, wellbeing classes and more to serve you wherever you are. Whether you are at home or on the road, take the Y with you with your favourite classes, instructors and more. YMCA 360 is an on-demand platform that is open and accessible to all. You can access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, click on the Browse Videos tab at the top of this page. YMCA 360 is available wherever you are with an internet connection. 

YMCA 360 brings you the community of being at a YMCA from wherever you are. Your favorite classes, instructors and more come to your living room, on your time and schedule. The Y is here to serve you 24/7, 365 with YMCA 360. YMCA 360 does not have a cost – it is a free service we are providing our members to serve them at this time. At this time, there is not an end date for free access to YMCA 360. Any updates to this policy will be added to the website with advance notice.


During this time of uncertainty, the Y is here for you. The Y continues to be your support for health and wellbeing, wherever you are. Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress and prevent illness. While we would love to see you at the Y, we honor and respect each individual’s choice with regard to your health. If you are unable to join us at one of our facilities, we have a variety of at-home exercise options for members to use called YMCA 360.

You can take group exercise classes for all ages right in your own home at no charge for a limited time! There are also sports classes and more for our young people. Find some of your favourite classes by browsing videos. We are working hard to provide options and additional benefits for our members and trust that you will find a class that you love!