We can tell you what WhatsApp OTP Scam is and how you can protect yourself from Hacking. Let us give you detailed information about this subject.

WhatsApp OTP Scam: Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is one of the first most used messaging apps. Some precautions can be taken to protect your WhatsApp account from hackers. But now hackers are using OTP to trap people.

What is WhatsApp OTP Scam? First of all, hackers hack your account by claiming that they are your friends, as well as claiming that an OTP has been forwarded to your phone number by mistake.

After this, you will be asked to send or tell the OTP to your number. OTP is required while logging in the account on the new device. If you have shared OTP, then hackers will be able to hack your account and access your chat and group chats.

After this, your account will be logged out, and then the hacker can ask for your contact or financial support from you. If you also want to protect yourself from WhatsApp OTP Scam, then there are some things that you should especially keep in mind.

WhatsApp OTP Scam: Save yourself this way

1) Use Two Factor Authentication to protect yourself from WhatsApp fraud.

2) Do not open any new links; this may be a bug.

3) If a friend or a relative asks you for an OTP through a message, do not trust the text and confirm them by calling. Remember, WhatsApp does not send an OTP to the user until you request OTP.