Units Measurement System in Nepal is different from another country. In Terain region Katha, Bigha and Dhur systems are used. Hilly and other regions use Ropani, Aana, Daam and Paisa systems.

We have collected the list of units that are helpful to calculate Area Measurement, Weight Measurement, and Volume Measurement.

The area measurement system in Nepal is used to calculate land in Terai and hilly regions. Dam, paisa, aana and ropani are popular in the Hilly region and dhur, kattha and bigha are popular in Terai region of Nepal.

The weight measurement system in Nepal is used to measure the weight of an item. To use a scale the item Lal, Tola, Chatak, Pau, Grams, KG, Dharni is used.

The volume Measurement system in Nepal is used to measure the volume contained in them. To use a scale the item Muthi, Mana, Kuruwa, Pathi, Muri is used.

Nepalese customary units of measurement

Given below are the conversion table of Nepali units of measurement.

Area Measurement in Nepal

1 Paisa4 Dam85.56 sq. ft.7.95 m2
1 Aana4 Paisa342.25 sq. ft.31.80 m2
1 Ropani16 Aana5,476 sq. ft.508.72 m2
1 Dhur182.25 sq. ft.16.93 m2
1 Kattha20 Dhur3645 sq. ft.338.63 m2
1 Bigha20 Kattha72900 sq. ft.6772.63 m2

Weight Measurement in Nepal

1 Lal0.1166 Grams
1 Tola100 Lal11.66 Grams
1 Chatak4.5 Tola58.31 Grams
1 Pau199 Grams
1 Dharni12 Pau2.39 KG

Volume Measurement in Nepal

1 Muthi
1 Mana10 Muthi
1 Kuruwa2 Mana
1 Pathi8 Mana
1 Muri20 Pathi