Today, we have 5 simple tips to fix the issue of slow charging on the smartphone. While taking a new smartphone, we give great attention to the points of the phone’s look, camera and processor as well as its battery. It is also essential to do this, because when there is no battery in the phone, then everything in it is meaningless. Even in the most expensive phones, everything gets lost when there is no battery in it.

Nowadays, smartphone companies and brands are bringing fast charging technology along with large batteries. But after a time it is often seen that the backup of the phone battery starts to decrease and the charging also slows down. Usually, when the charging speed of the phone begins to slow down, it does not go unnoticed.

There are many reasons why the charging speed of the smartphone becomes slow. If your smartphone is also taking longer to charge, then we have told some such tips with the help of which you will be able to charge mobile phones fast.

1. Use an original charger only

Many times the charger in the phone box is lost or malfunctioned. After this, people charge the phone with any local charger in a cheap affair. Doing this not only makes the phone slow-charge, but only such duplicate or fake chargers cause the charger to explode in the phone’s battery, which can prove very dangerous for you.

2. Avoid duplicate data cables

Sometimes the USB cable with the charger may breaks. After this, people start charging their phones not only with mobile but also with data cable of any other device. Like the charger, the use of fake USB cable not only slows down the phone but also worsens the health of the battery. By doing this continuously, the battery of the phone of one time gets completely damaged, and then the phone is of no use.

3. Remove the phone cover and charge

Due to the look and design, now the smartphones have a non-removable battery at the back. People use different types of phone covers for style and safety. While charging, the battery will be heat. Due to the phone cover, the heat is trapped and cannot get out. If the phone is hot, the efficiency of the battery is also reduced. If the phone cover is removed, the heat will come out, and the phone will be fast-charged.

4. Turn on these modes

When the battery of the phone goes down too much, then there is a high load of charging and processing. If you turn off the location, GPS, data and sync etc. during low battery, then the battery consumption will be reduced, and it will get support in charging. Similarly, if you turn on the power saving mode and other similar options present on the phone, then the background apps will not run, and the smartphone will start charging fast.

5. Switch off and charge

If the phone is not to be used during charging, it is better to switch it off for a while. By doing this, the cellular connectivity of the phone will stop, and the phone will start charging fast. Switching off the phone for a time will relax the battery and processing of the phone increases the capacity.

Use all the tips mentioned above yourself and tell others as well. Because these measures will help in charging the phone fast, at the same time, it will also be useful in maintaining the health of your smartphone and increasing its life.