A Quality Control Plan Template for Construction Contractor is the description of the contractor’s operation to achieve the building quality standard provided by the contract.

Contractor Quality Control Plan is a system for the method of providing quality construction by the contractor. The plans and requirements describe outcomes or planned performance. The Contractor Quality Control Plan outlines how it will achieve those results. Although it is not possible to ascertain from the Contractor Quality Control Planwhether the standard of quality of construction would be appropriate, it can be checked that the contractor, as an entity, has addressed the basic elements of its quality process.

A Quality Control Plan Template for Contractor can mean many things. So the first step is finding out what your customer is looking for. Often that may appear in one of the contract documents as a condition or as a reference.

Many times the customer will simply state that they need a quality assurance plan, and let you find out what they want. Nonetheless, having a chat is certainly worthwhile, and you get a better understanding of what they have in mind, or at least they feel confident with your suggestion.

Table of Contents:

  • CQC Plan Cover Sheet 
  • CQC Plan Acknowledgement 
  • Table of Contents 
  • Organizational Chart 
  • Resumes and Certifications Documentation
  • Quality Contol Manager Responsibility 
  • Stop Work Authorization Letter
  • Major Definable Features of Work
  • Three Phases of Inspection
  • Quality Control Testing and Verifications
  • Tests and Records 
  • Testing Agency Schedule 
  • Submittals 
  • Tracking Deficiencies
  • Contractor’s Quality Control Report (CQC)
  • Non-Conformance Report 
  • Construction Punch List 
  • Weekly QA/QC Meeting Minutes 
  • Preparatory Meeting Checklist 
  • Initial Inspection Checklist 
  • Receiving Material Inspection Report 
  • MSDGC/Contractor Quality Control Worksheets

Download Quality Control Plan Template for Construction Contractor in Word and PDF File