A project proposal is a paper detailing everything all parties need to learn in order to start a project. It is a first step that is important to get a project off the ground.

A well-written plan for a project informs and persuades, mixing project management skills with a few other essential skills: science, data analysis and some copywriting.

A project proposal is a key document which helps you sell sponsors and stakeholders a potential project. Of course a project plan is specific to each project, but the structure is exactly the same if you follow a simple outline.

Project proposal and planning is part of project management, that refers to the use of schedules such as charts to prepare and report on progress in the project environment afterwards.

This Project Proposal and Planning Template includes excel sheets:

  • Project Proposal sheet
  • Resource Plan
  • Security and Impact Analysis
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Closeout Report
  • Post Project Support Plan
  • Issue Log
  • Communication Plan
  • Change Management Plan
  • Budget Plan

Download Project Proposal and Planning Template in Excel .xls file