When the mobile becomes old or its new variant comes in the market; most people sell the old phone to buy a new device. But people do not take care of some things while selling phones, after which they have to regret.

If you are also thinking of selling your mobile, then this article will help you. Today we are going to give you some such tips here, which will be very useful when you sell the device.

Do data backup before selling mobile.

Before selling the smartphone, make a backup of the required data. This will never delete or leak your data. To create a backup, first, go to Settings and click on the backup option here. After this, your data will be saved automatically in Google Drive.

Factory reset phone

Do a factory reset before selling the phone. By doing this, all your data will be deleted. IDs from Google and other accounts will also be deleted. To reset the factory, go to phone settings. Here you will see the option of backup and reset, click on it. After this, all the data on your phone will be deleted.

Sell ​​your phone through a website

In today’s time, most people visit a buy and sell the website to sell anything. To sell the phone, you have to log in to the site and enter the correct information of your mobile. After this, the negotiation phase will begin. When you feel that your phone is getting the desired price, then sell it immediately.

Must provide box and bill

While selling mobile, you must provide your device bill, accessory and box. This creates a good image for the prospective customer about the old mobile, which increases the hope of increasing the price of the device.