We all know about computers and laptops. We know the Keys of its keyboard, and we have seen Keys from F1 to F12 in the row above it. These keys are called Function Keys.

Function keys make many things very easy, such as when we work on different software, then it is used to do the work of Keys shortcuts, but apart from these F1 to F12, these keys can be used for some special tasks So let’s know about it.

What is the function of Keyboard F1 to F12 Keys?

F1 Key: – Every computer has its software setup panel; when you turn it on the computer, if you press the F1 Key at that time, you will reach the Computer Setup panel.

From here, you will reach your computer settings from where you can get any problem or your hardware specs and other types of information and change it.

F2 Key: – With the help of this Key, you can directly rename any file on your computer by pressing this Key; that is, you can rename directly by pressing the F2 Key directly without the help of a mouse.

Not only this, if you press the F2 Key Key while using Microsoft Word, then you will be able to see the Print Preview of the file you are working on.

F3 Key: – You can open the search box to search for anything; you can search for any file or folder by pressing F3.

F4 Key: – With the help of this Key, you can not benefit in the direct window, but if you use Microsoft Word, by pressing this button, you will be able to repeat your previous work; that is, you will be able to repeat your previous work. It will be able to repeat the work.

F5 Key: – We all know and use F5 Key to refresh your Windows; upon pressing it, the system refreshes, but besides, you can start a slideshow of your created project on PowerPoint.

F6 Key: – You can use it to view the contents of multiple Folders open in your computer Windows; with this, you can use this Key in your MS Word.

F7 Key: – This Key is used in MS. Word is used where you use MS Word while using it, then after pressing F7, whatever you type after pressing Spelling will be checked. Huh.

F8 Key: – You also use this Key in MS Word, where you can select the text after pressing it.

F9 Key: – In many systems, you can control the brightness of the screen using this Key and if you are used to sending or receiving an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.

F11 Key: If you work on a browser and want to see it in full screen or work on it, you can do it in full screen using F11 Key.

F12 Key: – This Key is also used in MS Word, where if you work on a file and want to save it, then you can save it directly by pressing the F12 button; the same can be done to save the file already. Want to save again later will be saved with SHIFT + F12.

The same thing can be done with CTRL + S, but you have been told about the features of F12.

Final Words

There is a slight difference in the work of laptop and PC keyboard from F1 to F12 wherein the laptop there is some extra options like Volume Up and Down and brightness reduction option.

Simultaneously, many other options are also available in many laptops, but we have talked about the features that can be used from F1 to F12.

I hope you have liked this information and you must have understood that what is the function of the keyboard from F1 to F12 Keys?

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