Easy Speech2Text PRO is the simplest audio recognition software used to transcribe your voice and mp3 into plain text. At the same time, it also supports converting your text to voice. With its high-quality natural sounding voice, this text-to-speech program will improve your work efficiency greatly. As it has been powered with Google and other advanced TTS/STT technology, the converted results could be guaranteed.

Why Use EasySpeech2Text PRO to Recognize Voice And Transfer to Text

You have already revealed a brief overview of Easy Speech2Text PRO program and the steps of using the application for the conversion. Are you now wondering why do you actually need such software? Needless to mention, the process of manual conversion of text from any audio, mp3, or speech is an extremely slow and tedious task. Plus, the manual process involves the chances of errors and mistakes.

But, if you decide to use an advanced application like Easy Speech2Text PRO, the process becomes automated and fast. The application is meant to quickly convert all audio files to text very efficiently. Hence, the program can be extremely helpful for increasing productivity. What’s more, the conversion is done accurately and precisely without almost any chances of errors and mistakes. The key benefits for the mp3 to text conversion process through Easy Speech2Text application are given below.

benefits for using Easy Speech2Text speech-to-text process

Read Out Loud Text With Native Sounding Voices

Just like the speech to text conversion, the process of manually converting any text to audio is both complex and tedious. So, if you are into certain activities which require instant conversion of text to mp3, then the manual conversion option won’t be suitable for you. Manual conversion process not only takes loads of time but also the final result may be full of errors and mistakes. That’s why you should rely on a powerful and advanced program (like Easy Speech2Text) that are solely developed to accurately convert any text to mp3. In this context, the sample results(en-UK) for the text to audio conversion process through Easy Speech2Text program are given below.

Quick Guideline For Speech to Text Conversion

This step-by-step guideline that should be helpful for you if you are planning for an easy, smooth, and seamless for voice to text conversion process using Easy Speech2Text. Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed Easy Speech2Text on your system, please read through the steps below for the mp3 to text conversion process.

guidance for speech-to-text

Step 1: Add the Mp3 Audio File

Please launch the Easy Speech2Text application and the interface should be opened. Then, add your desired Mp3 file which you want to convert as text.

Info Create your own Google Json Credential (Simple and Free) when using Google Speech-to-text model.

Info The uploaded audio file should be .mp3, when using model 1, 2. (Flac has been deprecated)

Step 2: Click on Convert

Once your mp3 file is added, you can now start the conversion process. For that purpose, you should now click on the “Convert” button. That’s it. The conversion process will start immediately and output will be shown as text. You can find the output text in the “Text” field area of the program interface window.

EasySpeech2Text for Windows v2.4.8 100% Safe and Easy to Convert Audio to Text and Convert Text to Audio for Free.

  • Easy voice-to-text software to create documents faster than typing keyboard.
  • Powered by Google STT and multiple advanced STT models.
  • Easy text-to-voice software to read aloud the text with natural-sounding speech synthesizers. Powered by Google TTS technology.
  • Easy to use. High accuracy. Small in size (Only 11.4MB for the .exe file).
  • Support working on Window 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista. 100% clean and no virus. Read the Virus Free report from VirusTotal.
  • Support including punctuation marks in the results from speech recognition. Learn More
  • Support more Text-to-speech natural voices. Support Google high-quality “WaveNet” voices.
  • Support configuring the speaking rate/speed and pitch.


  • Software version: v2.4.8
  • Use the program for a lifetime
  • No free updates
  • No Free Support
  • Personal use only

SERIAL KEY : 1e0fee02-57af-4020-8604-901123082061