Download The Hand Lettering Work Kit from the Futur for Free. Every idle moment is an opportunity to craft something beautiful. Mastering the art of hand lettering takes one stroke at a time, and every stroke counts.

Why buy the Hand Lettering Work Kit?

Our downloadable Hand Lettering Work Kit has been crafted specifically for Procreate on the iPad by The Futur team to get your creative muscles working wherever you are.

Included in this kit are practice worksheets, helpful tips and tricks for lettering, and 3 cursive alphabet styles. It’s hand lettering at the next level.

Anything worth learning requires dedication and practice.

The Hand Lettering Work Kit is a rich source of knowledge, crafted by The Futur team. The beauty of the kit lies in its insightful method, which marries the cultivation of technique with the necessity of repetition.

No more confusion, no more guessing. Just clear,visual instruction.

The worksheets will help you practice your hand lettering skills using the iPad, no matter where you are. If you aim to reach the height of digital hand lettering excellence, then our Hand Lettering Work Kit is an absolutely fantastic start.

Given the amazing possibilities in today’s technology, we couldn’t resist the challenge. Our goal was to provide a kit that supports your fundamental understanding of hand lettering through the digital medium.

The practice worksheets in the kit will exercise your fine motor skills to achieve the control and fluidity required of a hand lettering artist. Made specifically for Procreate on the iPad, the worksheets even make on-the-go practice sessions a possibility.

Learn the rules before breaking them.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate going on expert, our Hand Lettering Work Kit offers a digital opportunity to brush up on traditional principles of hand lettering.

You’ll be surprised at how your skills sharpen after practicing, and who knows? You may even become addicted to it.

We certainly have. Purchase our Hand Lettering Work Kit today and use every idle moment as an opportunity to craft something beautiful.

What is included in the Hand Lettering Work Kit?

The Hand Lettering Work Kit features exercise worksheets in three cursive alphabet styles, three custom Procreate brushes (brush, chalk, and monoline) made by The Futur team, plus an additional PDF instructional guidebook.

1. Procreate practice worksheets

a) Basic strokes
b) Pressure control
c) Lowercase letters
d) Uppercase letters
e) Numbers
f) Word compositions

Our easy-to-use Procreate worksheets offer traceable layers to improve your hand-eye coordination in the most intuitive way.

The worksheets are structured in a way that’s intuitive and minimal, so practicing is the only thing that requires your focus.

2. Three custom Procreate brushes

a) Brush
b) Chalk
c) Monoline

3. PDF instructional guidebook containing

a) iPad tips
b) Procreate tips
c) Basic lettering terminology
d) Glossary of lettering terms

The Futur – The Hand Lettering Work Kit Free Download