DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy & safe iOS backup and transfer tool for Windows and Mac. Manage your iPhone iPad music, photos, videos, contacts, books, calendars, voice memos, No-iTunes or iTunes purchased content in a simple way. Fully or selectively transfer/restore iOS files without data erasing. Protect the media files with a password. Convert HEIC to JPG, MKV/AVI to MP4; Merge duplicated contacts, set custom ringtone, etc.

DearMob iPhone Manager (Win & Mac) is made for seamless iOS/iPadOS data backup and transfer, with handy built-ins to encrypt, convert and selectively restore content. Safer and easier for advanced tasks: manually manage music, videos and photos, merge duplicated contacts, set custom ringtone and more. No data erasing.

Designed to accelerate iPhone/iPad migration and free up storage to revive old devices, this professional tool is your safe and hassle-free choice.

DearMob iPhone Manager

Transfer Music & Manage Playlist

Manually manage music on the iPhone with a simple drag-and-drop. Add any song to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and export freely to get share happy.

  • Two-way sync at super-fast speed. Import non-iTunes music to iPhone.
  • Export/add/edit/delete playlist, song. Manage music without quality loss.
  • Auto convert Apple unfriendly OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV, etc. to MP3/AAC.
  • Create ringtone with iPhone music. Transfer ringtones without iTunes.

Transfer All Kinds of Videos Across Devices

Get videos off iPhone by category or add videos to iPhone and iPad for offline enjoyment, with maximum format support that saves your effort.

  • Unique! Transfer/convert 8K videos. Delete recorded videos on Mac.
  • Auto-rotate video 90 degrees for full-screen playback on iPhone iPad.
  • Convert unsupported video to Apple-friendly format upon syncing.
  • Export 4K videos to free up space. Compress large videos of up to 50%.

Prioritize your data security

This iPhone file Manager offers you the option to encrypt backup files, and password-protect photos, videos, and contacts with military-grade data encryption algorithms against privacy leakage. iOS file transfer has never been this secured.

Simplify contact management

Newly added iPhone contacts cannot be stored on SIM card, if you change an iPhone, you need to transfer them to the new iPhone. This iOS file manager helps you nail it in a simple way.

Save important conversation history

Text messages & iMessages carries invaluable memories, and sometimes they could be presented as evidence in a dispute. It’s essential to backup your precious SMS with the best iPhone file Manager.

Remember the days that matter

Manage all your private or work calendar events with enough flexibility. Enjoy the ease of managing events on PC/Mac in batch, merge with existing ones on iPhone. iPhone file manager handles all.

Take full advantage of your books

Book syncing is removed from the iTunes sidebar. If you are not an iCloud person, use this iTunes alternative to transfer books from Mac/Windows to iPhone or vice-versa with maximum flexibility.

DearMob iPhone Manager: A Higher Level of Media File Management

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer, and vice versa

The photo module in this iPhone Manager enables Apple users to preview iDevice photos by albums, types, and dates, add photos to the iPhone, get photos off iPhone, or from iPhone to iPhone, keeping photo metadata intact.

Transfer Photos in Well Organized Manner

Import & Export photos via computer by Albums/Types No iTunes or iCloud constraints, won’t erase existing photos

Fast Even with 20GB photos

Transfer 100 pieces of 4K photos in 8 seconds without freezing error

Manage and Delete Pictures More Efficiently

Review photos by categories & delete undeletable synced photos

Preview & Convert HEIC Photos

Apple has just brought us a pain in the ass. HEIC images in iOS 11/12 iPhone, can’t say it is a bad thing. But since it is not compatible with so many system or default tools on Windows, Android, macOS 10.13 & lower, and iOS 11 & lower, we cannot even view our own iPhone photos anymore. However, DearMob iPhone Manager offers you a way to manage iPhone HEIC photo files easily.
It does it all for you, no matter you want to preview, open, backup or locate the specific iPhone HEIC photo files.

Photo Managing Tricks You Didn’t Know Before

iPhone has its unique personality and so does iPhone Photos. Nowadays, what we are actually handling is no simple pictures, but over 10GB edited iPhone photos, geotagged iPhone photos, undeletable iPhone photos, a hundred thousand messed up burst photos, live photos, HEIC photos… To deal with these “stylish” images, to organize or to transfer them from iPhone to computer or reversely, we just need a smarter tool.