Bringing #LurnNation Together During This Tough Time. are making 10 Courses 100% FREE! Let’s Use This Time To Strengthen Our Skills & Bring Positivity. is the best source for all things digital publishing. On this site, you’ll discover the best advice from some of the most successful digital publishers in the world. Whether you want to start your own digital publishing business or grow your existing one, you’ll get access to tested, cutting-edge strategies. We are constantly adding new training, so be sure to check back frequently!

List of 10 Free Courses by Lurn are:

1. Circle Of Profit Classroom by Anik Singal

Get The Digital Classroom Version Of The Best-Selling Book. Learn How To Start Your Own Digital Publishing Business. Build Your Own Sustainable Profit Engine Today!

So what IS digital publishing anyway? Digital publishing is, quite simply, the 3 steps you take to monetize information. The Circle of Profit system guides you through the entire system, step by step: 1. Find a topic. 2. Gather information. 3. Monetize information. It really CAN be this simple.

2. SEO Crash Course by Anik Singal

Master Search Engine Optimization To Help Your Website Perform Well On Search Engine Rankings! Drive More Organic Traffic And Increase Website Visibility.

So what exactly is SEO? In this module we’ll find out what it is and why it matters to you and your business.

3. 5 Money Rules by Robert Kiyosaki

5 Simple (But Incredibly Powerful) Rules That Govern Your Financial Future. Once You Master Them, They Can Help You Build A Lifetime Of Wealth.

In this course, you will discover 5 simple but incredibly powerful rules that will help you build a lifetime of wealth. Join me, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, as you start your journey to master money and wealth.

4. Laws Of Success by Les Brown

The 12 Laws You Must Master To Not Only Increase Your Wealth, But Also Your Happiness & Fulfillment From Life!

This is the start to unleashing the greatness within you! This book is going to help you take action and get a competitive edge in the marketplace.

5. Traffic Geniuses by Anik Singal

Directions To Learn, Master, And Execute Getting Amazing Amounts Of Traffic From Multiple Sources So You Can Make More Sales And Profit From Your Site.

In this course, you’ll learn about seven incredible ways to drive traffic to your site or offer. Here’s how to get the most out of your time spent.

6. Essential Skills For Entrepreneurs by Anik Singal

Bypass Years Of Trial And Error To Jumpstart Your Business. Master The 5 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs In Order To Be Successful!

The very first skill essential to successful entrepreneurship is marketing. The notion of “Build it and they will come” is FALSE. No one’s going to come to your business if you don’t invite them. Module 1 is all about teaching you how to implement the right marketing strategies for your business so you can attract the right visitors into your doors. 

7. Peak Performance For Entrepreneurs by Stephen Parato

Discover Your Purpose And Say Goodbye To The Guilt Of Procrastination. Discover Simple Techniques You Can Use To Perform Your Absolute Best!

In this module, you’ll discover the importance and benefits of productivity. You’ll also learn about being highly productive, and how to get the most important things finished as effectively as possible.

8. Office For Entrepreneurs by Daniel Constable

Full Training Program – Organize Your Business! Master The Art Of Organization And Run Your Online Business Smoothly So You Can Achieve Your Goals.

In this module, you’ll know what to expect during the course. You’ll learn what the course is all about, what you’ll get from this course, and the tools you’ll need to make the most of it.

9. The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

Get The Simple 5-Step Formula To Building A Successful Business Using Just Your Email, Or Skyrocketing Business Revenue With Email Marketing.

Your very own introduction to Email Marketing and the Email Marketing business model!

10. Passion To Profit by Anik Singal

Get The Simple 7 Step Formula To Turning Your Passion Into Rewarding Profit.